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[DM] Who is the Best? Semi Finals

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_Reitrem    399


I'm here to announce that the 3rd stage will be the quarter finals. Snappy made a guideline for the administrators which they should follow. We'll also be more strict with players acting cocky or ragequitting. This doesn't disallow you to complain. You can still easily get into the leading administrators PM to point something out. This will be appreciated and the admin will do what he can to make it comfortable for you as well.

Whenever 1 guy is going to pass because of bad organization. Then we rather do it once again with a proper organization.
Also I strictly advise all of you to read the rules once again to make sure you got it.

In this stage only the 1st player from every group is going to advance, the quarter finals shouldn't be that easy.
In addition the referee will pick 3 maps out of the map list.

The Groups will be:

Group 1




Group 2




Group 3




Group 4




Map list:


Hehu v10 - The Black Lodge

Hehu v11 - Atlantis

Hehu v13 - The White Lodge 

Hehu v14 - Senses

Hehu ft. BrokeN ft. Luffy - FEED ME

Hehu ft. BrokeN ft. Whispy - Mammoth

Hehu ft. BrokeN ft. Whispy - Atlantis II

Hehu ft. Coon - Chronicle 

Hehu ft. CooN - Chronicle II

Hehu ft. Whispy - Fearfull Symmetry 2013

Hehu ft. CooN - Speed Chronicles 

Moita v3 - Walk in the Forest

Moita v4 - Cubism 

Moita v5 - Punk Hazard

Moita - Breaking Records II

Moita ft. Hawt_Human ft. Rizom - Verity II

Moita ft. Rizom - Island of Dawn 

Moita ft. Osci - Breaking Records

Whispy v3 - Promises

WhispY - Liberty 

Whispy - Live for New Dawn II

Whispy ft. uJelly ft. owainnub ft. Joanna ft. Fruity ft. Names ft. Kevin - Shaking Organism

Splinter ft. Slimmy - Fuck you up II

CooN v1 - Serenity

CooN v2 - We Can Escape III

CooN v3 - Swam Song 

CooN v5 - Waterfont

CooN ft. XeaT ft. DioGo - The Walking Dead

CooN ft. CooL ft. ReazZon ft. Rizom - Reload 

CooN ft. Hehu - July

CooN ft. Lyncan - Temple

CooN ft. XeaT ft. Moita - Intensity II

CooN ft. Twister - Serenity II

CooN ft. 3ventic - Thunder

Rizom v2 - Come Alive

Rizom v3 - Reliability

Rizom v5 Downcast

Rizom ft. Moita ft. ReaZzon - Letlal Leviathan 

Rizom ft. Hawt_Human - Verity 

ShoOby ft. TwisteD - Breaking Point

reasoN v2 - Anything you want?

IceTea v1 - Cold Forest

Booze v1 - Isles

Booze v2 - Substance

Pablow v1 - Sugar Rush

Pablow v2 - Digital Drama 

TwisteD v2 - Crysis 

TwisteD v4 - Crysis II

TwisteD ft. Splinter - The Division

R3hab ft. FataL ft. Moita ft. BriaN - Five Stars

R3hab ft. Castiel ft. Paake ft. Espawn - Night Fury

Hawt_Human v2 - The Fast lane

Hawt_Human v3 - The Fast Lane II

Hawt_Human v4- Deviance

BrokeN v4 - Melody II

BrokeN v5 - Overflow

BrokeN v6 - Relapse

BrokeN ft. Luffy ft. Hawt_Human - Over the Limit

BrokeN ft. Luffy - Nigerian Melody 

BrokeN ft. CooN - Expectations

Luffy v4 - Tropical Nigeria II

Jonny ft. Nic ft. R3hab - Among the Mountains

Jonny ft. SoundwaveZ ft. Alae - Among The Mountains II

Jonny ft. SoundwaveZ ft. Xer0 - Among the Mountains III

Jonny ft. Chipy - Crystals 

Jonny ft. Nic - Last Story

W3ST - From W3ST to North 

W3ST - Real Landbit

W3ST - Start the Journey

W3ST ft. Nic - Through the Hills

Evan - Aerial Agression

Evan - Inivative 

Evan - Power Play

Evan ft. SoundwaveZ - Vengeance

Evan - Dystopia

Evan ft. Xer0 ft. Flatz - Dystopia II

Evan ft. Chipy - Blaze of Glory

Flatz ft. BursT - Uncovered Nature II

 SoundwaveZ v3 - Dark Love

SoundwaveZ - Dark Soul

Andre ft. Reborn ft. LilsnappY ft. SoundwaveZ - Come and Get it 

Names - I suck, You suck

Antonio - Fast and Furious

Antonio - The Last One

Schwalb v1 - Schwalbtastic

Schwalb - Enlightened

Schwalb ft Azume - Ganja II

Schwalb ft. Booze - Ganja III

Schwalb ft. Azume ft. Cruiser - Liquefield

Stone v6 - Atomic II

Note ft. Ronneh - Never Enough

Xero ft Booze - Made in 45 Minutes

Infra - We are one

Infra - One Desire

LilsnappY v1 - Moments of Happiness

Nic - New beginnings

Nic - New beginnings II

Nic - New Beginnings III


  • Only players which reached the quarter finals are allowed to play.
  • The last surviving player gets the point.
  • If no one has reached the hunter, the player who reached furthers will get the point.
  • If multiple players die at the same place. The round will be redone.
  • In case of camping and/or shortcutting, participant will be slaid, If he continues he might get disqualified.
  • In case of insulting, swearing and provoking, participant will be warned verbally and if it occurs again he'll be disqualified.
  • If someone times out before the map starts, we redo the map.
  • If a map is giving a constant despawn. A new map will be picked by the player who chose it. 
  • If someone times out while the map is running (if he is alive), we play further.
  • If someone lags, He can restart his router or rejoin during the map switch.
  • Skipping nitro and repair pickups is allowed.
  • Skipping car pick-ups is disallowed.
  • Waiting for nos is allowed.
  • Using the MG is disallowed
  • Shooting cars is disallowed.
  • Backshooting while getting hunter is not allowed.
  • Shooting in area of hunter pickup is not allowed untill everyone gets hunter.
  • If someone is stuck/blocked during the hunter fight he can't be killed untill he gets away.
  • Spraying is not allowed.
  • Backshooting is allowed.
  • Bugged maps are disallowed. This also means if it's possible on another way. So maps which include incorrectly mapped jumps are disallowed as well. Same counts for maps with missing pick-ups.
  • Every player picks on map a match. 
  • Whenever  a match ends up in a tie. 1 round of Empathy will be played between those who tied!

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LilsnappY    769
36 minutes ago, F4K3. said:

if pinnah silver and me are going to win, the finals will contain 3 ftw members tf

If Sam jimmeh phoebe and hyperz or ghost wil win. 4 rfh gays in the final

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xPinnah*    180
1 hour ago, F4K3. said:

if pinnah silver and me are going to win, the finals will contain 3 ftw members tf

I'll give my best, that's for sure. 

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