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Double Points And Money With Streak

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DuuhZehBruuuH    154

Hi. I think it would be interesting is the server that multipli the points(when the player make a streak with +10 players).


Example (Derby).

First win -> 10 score - 250 money
Streak 2 -> 20 score - 300 money 
Streak 3 -> 40 points - 400 money
Streak 4 -> 80 points - 500 money
Streak 5 -> 160 points - 600 money

and so  Successively...



*The streak should only start a multiply points if the room has 10 or more players not to make it very easy


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Reese    264

I like the suggestion but I think it should give less score than what you chose in your example.


  1. WIN - 10 score
  2. WIN - 15 score
  3. WIN - 20 score
  4. WIN - 25 score
  5. WIN - 30 score
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Sam    261

That idea tho, i have strong support right here!

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xPinnah*    165

Well I know you got this Idea from a MTA Server, the system is really good and in each mode playable. I'd to suggest it here on New Dawn, too. I would explain it more detailed. This System may only be aviable by 10 + Players on DM / EDM | 5+ Players on DD / HG. The example is based on Derby. The normal win by 2 Players should have 100$ (it's not much, but @Infra said, already we get a Kill / Death System on DD, so we earn Money there too by killing someone). One more Player could make the winning price 100$ higher. So by 5+ Players we got 500$ each win + 10 Score. If we reached 5+ Players, and you have done a Winning Streak like 3, should be called x3, so the 5+ Players win should be multiplicated with 3 So we got 1500$ + 30 Score. Thats how the system works.

Tell me if I'm wrong DuuhZehBruh & to the others, tell me your mind.

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