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[RFH] Rush for Hunters

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Foxy.    118





Here is a little story about RFH...

RFH Started on the 13-05-14 by Zomdom And Snappy

We started as an EDM clan, But last enough we become a pro EDM Clan!

So we decided to test DM, It was hard there but our members trained really hard and now we can say that we're a good DM Clan!

Our members are Friendly, Mature, Fighters, Funny and much more...

RFH is not a clan based on skills like the most clans are...

RFH is based on Teamwork, Fun, Family and Loyality!


RFH is 1 Year old! (13-05.15)

RFH is 2 Years old! (13-05-16)

RFH is 3 Years old! (13-05-17)


s2ilgupj.png Foxy(Neko) - 19
t48xh9zk.png Lilsnappy - 21
t48xh9zk.png Zomdom - 18 (Inactive since ??-??-????)



pumgc73t.png HyperZ - 18 (Studying his ass off)



t48xh9zk.png Jimmeh - 18

eji34iak.png Ryder - 16






 qr2m9cg2.png TheChaoz - 18 | EDM CW Manager

iwrqchsq.png ŜÃϻ - 18 | DD CW Manager





s2ilgupj.png Essah - 21

DieBish - 18

prwgspfn.png Rick - 18 

tszbie8y.png Horr - 21

tszbie8y.png Faxter - 19

kikcpibn.png Weiss - 19

dhn9gvzj.png Magic - 18

6cc5y93s.png Reborn -

s2ilgupj.png Yoloo - 17

s2ilgupj.png Sahne - 17

leci6esv.png Slimtony - 21

i6cwvfw5.png Walli - 17

pz9zc5xt.png Story - 18

48nce26p.pngAkeno - 14

53t2aiuj.png Frenz - 17

cvy4kbzl.png iKakashi - 16

f9mnebuf.png Centurion - 19

6r6w5vde.png w3st - 17

5tc7g3tu.png iRaiden - 14

lo7vujd7.png villian - 17

mo82lggg.png Shveddi -

s2ilgupj.pngkleinkiko - 21

gmo95qjo.png Driftstyle - 17

ich4e5rv.png Wiz - 14

lo7vujd7.png Curser - 18

s2ilgupj.png Frosti - 19

uccy6vg3.png Ghost - 19

gmo95qjo.png Amoney - 20 (hiding on the Moon)

6r6w5vde.png NeVer - 16

gmo95qjo.png Dtk. - 19

s2ilgupj.png FatoN - 20

mw8jdsvy.png WhoZ -



g5joekyz.png Strong - 

7po8kvme.png Avenger - 21

6r6w5vde.png Laeron - 
gmo95qjo.png Tobago - 15 

munjodus.png TonyWalker - 19

Xenon -

v4624dw4.png TheEnd - 24

i7hq5poj.png Whozzy -

s2ilgupj.pngNinjaTurtle -

m6s3k6lh.png Burst -

Phoebe - 19

52hs64d6.png DownTown - 19

wt4enxmp.png Omar - 20

wbxc8knq.png Stig - 20

cm5l89pw.png Stefy - 26

l65k9uum.png Vic - 21

tryliqpp.png Soundwave - 18

cfmfkzt8.png clowN - 17

33v6x93x.png iCloudZ - 17

eji34iak.png Infinix - 16

eji34iak.png7l4mfkgo.png Exteel - 17

ri7qhl5u.png SaK_ - 21

ci5m55vb.png NerV - 16

eji34iak.png Darkness - 15

eji34iak.png Driver - 13



s2ilgupj.png ENERGY -



  • Respect everyone!
  • Be Active
  • Don't Insult others
  • No Multi - Clanning
  • Don't break the Server Rules

If you break one of these Rules you will be kicked from RFH.


Welcome to our recruitment Section

We have made this incase that you want to join us.

But before you can join, we would like to know some things about you.

Applications are currently: CLOSED

Your Application must have the following Format


[u] General Informations [/u]
In-game name:
Bans: (If yes, why you were banned?)
All previous Nicknames:
All previous Clans:
Why did you leave or got kicked from your previous Clan?:
Most played modes:
Stats: (Please enter a screen of your ingame Stats)

[u] Questions [/u]

- Were you in RFH before?:
- If yes, why did you leave or got kicked?:
- If yes, why should we accept you again?:

- Why would you like to join RFH?:
- What do you think that you could add to RFH?:
- Did you contact/talk with one of our Leader's atleast once?: (If yes who?)
- Are you friendly to everybody?:

- Would you rape Snappy's ass?:
- Is Foxy Lazy?:
- Is Jimmeh Jimmeh?:
- Are you cute?: 
- Is Suky the sweetest Penguin on earth?:

- Do you want to add something else?:


Last 5 Clan War's




Total CW's: 101
Won CW's: 38
Lost CW's: 58
Tied CW's: 5

Clan War Counter reset when ND 3.0 comes out.






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Foxy.    118

u wot? he left rfh?

He want care about his reallife, and want a clanless start, so he left the clan, and he gave me the Lead.

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Cvele    69

General Information:

-Name: Leon

-In-game name: Melone

-Age: 17

-Sex: Male

-Country: Germany

-Languages: German,English,Spain

-Hobbies:Gym,Friends and more!

-Skype: lo0leon0ol


Server Information:

-Warnings: 4...

-Bans: Idk.. but I changed my behavior!

-If yes, why you were banned?: Because my behavior

-All Previous nicknames: Idk and you dont care.

-All Previous clans: KcC and some others

-Why did you leave or got kicked from your previous clan?: KcC closed and the other clans idk... it was a few years ago..

-Most played modes: DM/DD

-Activity: Every day on! Nolife4life

-Score: 150k

-Hunters: 200

-Runups: 600

-Wins: 700


Clan Questions:

-Why would you like to join to RFH?: I think this clan is interesting and has a nice community! That's what I need...so

-Weren't you in RFH before? Na sorry

-Weren't you in RFH before? If yes, why should we accept you again?: Im skilled and Im a nice Teamm8!

-What do you think you can add to RFH?: New Skills and fun!

-Why do you think we should accept you?: I don't know...you should know it :o or not

-Are you friendly to everybody?: Sure! I dont hate pple.

-Do you want to add something else?: Ye pls read and enjoy haha :D I hope u will accept me!

Good luck broo :D

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