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  1. heyo

    <3 can't wait to meet you online man
  2. heyo

    It is me, Sir.
  3. heyo

    Hello guys, Guess I'll be around again. See you online! *craving for KOR again* English
  4. oy

    @Alae hi man <33 @Faton Chelsea owns, and thanks <333 @Sir Infra Yes, indeed. Hope to conversate with your greatness in game.
  5. oy

    in case anyone cares, I will be around in the following period cya on DM
  6. Me out m8s

    Bye and thank you friend, good luck in the future
  7. Sayonara niggaz

    bye negro fag, won't miss you at all
  8. Happy Birthday HeHu

    Happy birthday man!
  9. Hey ppl

    Welcome to ND, have fun
  10. Goodbye New Dawn

    Bye Funky boy, good luck
  11. Wassup

  12. yolo swag German swag hahahahaha, sorry Noli I didn't want to hurt your feelings lalalalalalalalal yolo swag

  13. Ole Ola!

    Thanks guys
  14. Hello ! (I am TOM)

    Hello, Tommy boy.. Hope you'll have a great time in this community!
  15. Ole Ola!

    Eden Hazard! <3