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  1. liar u didn't do that

    1. Sam


      I will post that shit here :DD


  2. Vote for best player - 2017

    Dm: [eNGiNE]Str1ker, NightFlutter, Cermet, Nicky Edm: R.C.A Derby: [dWa]FutuR3 HG: Drugz Zombie: Viperito Stunt: SoundWave (aka Sanidhya )
  3. Happy Birthday New Dawn - 6 years old!

    These 6 years journey was amazing and unforgettable. Love you New Dawn, Wish you for the community's long live.
  4. [KOR] King Of Roads

    Hello mates Glad to see you all back !
  5. Animes & Series

    You forgot to add Chota Bheem ftw
  6. Animes & Series

    I'll surely start Person of Interest next month. Watched trailer, looks great. Yes it is. It's a great and amazing series. You would love it
  7. Animes & Series

    Since everyone is having holidays, you must be looking for something entertaining to pass your time. I'll share my interests that i have watched and good enough for entertain Animes - Death Note - In this anime, Death Note is a book where if you write the person's name and have acknowledged his face, the person will die. Somehow the book falls on the hand of a brilliant person who executes every criminal and every person who comes into his way in the presence of Death God. Naruto & Naruto Shippuden - Everyone is familiar of this anime and must have watched it in their childhood but the extended series of naruto i.e. Shippuden has been recently finished and its worth a try to watch it out. Dragon Ball Super - In this version of Dragon Ball, recently universal arc started where the fight is between all the warriors of universe chosen by their gods and the losing universe will be eliminated and destroyed. Series - Prison Break - Mind blowing series Lucifer - He is the Devil back to the world 13 reasons Why - LOL but you must watch. Its a life time experience I have watched few more like F.R.I.E.N.D.S and How i met your mother or Big bang theory. Good and funny as fuck xD Suggest me or share your interests.
  8. Changes to foreign language section

    @Stig @Sound @MadGuyzZ Take a look in this
  9. SiXz is officialy back

    Welcome back Debbie!
  10. [KOR] King Of Roads

    You and @MadGuyzZ @Sound @BoomTown @Stig @randoM better show yourself in game.
  11. [KOR] King Of Roads

    Just to notify to all my fellow and lovely clan members, i will regain my high activity from 23rd of May. Hop in and #makeKorgr8again. See you all
  12. [KOR] King Of Roads

    What just happened in my inactivity I left you guys alone for few weeks and it came to this point. Anyway, good luck whoever got promoted and those who left, should have talked to the leadership about 'that' particular player. You should think about the clan, if its getting worse, work for it not by leaving. Stay loyal, stay my bitch <3 Still love you thunder and R3in <3333 P.S: @Antonio Please put back Flamingo and TrolleX in this list. Even if they don't play anymore, they contributed much to the clan and i think they deserve this much respect to stick into the name of "Leadership" forever, even after ND dies and the world comes to an end.
  13. [3.0] DM, EDM and DD Maps

    None. You just failed to understand. Anyway it was for infra, and some cases are mentioned mainly for that purpose - Please read properly before responding.
  14. [3.0] DM, EDM and DD Maps

    @Infra no music in any of the maps i uploaded