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  1. 2 Tricks on derby - Based on gta physics and computer CFG

    And people says, he lags because he is from Brazil. Though he's using hi-tech "cool" gadgets from my grandfather's time.
  2. Hey.

    Engineer? What are you doing here? why are you gaming? kapoor sahab kya kahenge?
  3. I drew myself

    Pretty cool work there. One of my friend is into sketching too and he always spends most of the time on eyes, says if you make the eyes perfectly, everything else starts looking even better. His sketches are the best I have seen. Here's one of his.
  4. Best of Mactivach (Fifa 17)

    But have you done something like this and got away without a card or foul. https://www.instagram.com/p/BBPA4icgPxn/?hl=en&taken-by=khandriftboyz
  5. Computer only boots on BIOS after crash

    Told ya, Same thing happened with me however some of my data was recovered which was in secondary partition.
  6. Computer only boots on BIOS after crash

    Your hard drive is done. *Ba dm tss*
  7. Server temporarily offline

    Black magicians are taking over. All those little black magic tricks have erupted the dark souls within our planet and cyber work and they won't stop till its dark.
  8. Player has unstable ping and lag spikes which often creates sync issues. However since it happens from time to time, he'll be asked to leave derby mode when it's severe and mode is populated.
  9. I'll be looking into this.
  10. Welcome to new NMC member: [NMC]DriftboyZ ^______^

    1. randoM


      Like DDC closed, hilarious

      p.s. u're a bastard

  11. Closing DDC.


    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. DriftboyZ


      To be honest, The real reason is that I accidentally misplaced all the masks and now me and my members have no masks at all. We cannot play it like this with a risk of getting exposed. So we had no option. @Reese

    3. Reese


      Makes perfect sense, it's hard to find new and good masks nowadays :(


    4. Revan
  12. [DDC] Drunken Drivers Clan

    Official Announcement ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello everyone, It has been a wonderful journey for the Drunken Drivers Clan in this server which lasted for several years after its establishment in 2011. During this course, clan has achieved a lot. From winning tournaments to being the top ranked clan in the destruction derby with a huge margin. The clan had its own ups and down with it receiving a lot of skilled and loyal players and also seeing many reputed players depart. However, it is with heavy heart that I have to announce its closure, which is due to a reason which is very unfortunate and maybe very selfish as well. I have been unable to manage and be there for the clan recently and due to busy schedule with university and firm, I am unable to allocate sufficient time the clan requires of me. When the clan started, I had my own vision about how it will go and progress and I am really glad that my co-leaders have excelled the clan with the vision I had. I am extremely thankful to @KatTheCat for her amazing leadership skills in my absence and for managing the clan and making it reach where it stands today. Also would like to thank @66nos and @clive and all those faithful members of the DDC for the time and effort they have put into this clan. I know it is really selfish of me to go against the clan decision and close it down after all the work they have put in but I have no choice. I do not want to abandon the clan and I don't feel like leaving it operational without my involvement. Thanks to each and every member of New Dawn for their support and for accepting the clan into the server. I appreciate all those who have considered DDC a competitive and reputed clan in the server and especially our main rivals, NMC and SC for fierce competition that made us even strong and kept going. Also many other clans I haven't mentioned since we have had a long list of rivalries but it has been an amazing experience in going competitive with you all and I wish you all the best in future. With the closure of DDC, it is certain that Rank #1 is now wide open for all the competitive derby clans and consider this as a gift this clan is leaving behind to all those skilled clans. However, closure of DDC doesn't means I would be leaving. Just to make it clear, I just don't have enough time for clan but I'll be dedicating my time In-Game to my administrator duties and to the community. Once again, Thank you all! Regards and thanks, DriftboyZ DDC Leader
  13. New Dawn 6 Years Old!

    8 Years in hehu's community. That's more than the time I have been with my best friend. Sad life.