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  1. [DENIED] Andre[US] - Speedhacking

    Wait, its an anti aimbot cleo that i use for DM Servers lol. It makes the green arrow above your head when someone is aiming on you disappear so most aimbots wont work.
  2. [DENIED] Andre[US] - Speedhacking

    Account name: [j4F]SteineRR. Reason for the ban: Speedhacking Time & Date: 12.08.2017; idk when he banned me, but i've played in the morning so i guess 1 pm? Admin who issued the ban: Andre[US] Mode: DM Screenshot:http://imgur.com/a/3oyPd Explanation: Hello, today in the morning ive played some DM, after that i went to work and now i saw that im banned for speedhacking. Maybe it is a failban? Well, i didnt use any kind of speedhacks in the past.. Regards Previous ban appeals: No http://imgur.com/a/3oyPd