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  1. Damn son, gj Pinnah. Gg all.
  2. [DD] GUN VS SC

    You can learn more from a defeat than thousands of victories. gg wp, thanks for leading jonny. i know, will be working on getting into top shape again.
  3. [SC] Sexy Cunts [+18]

    ***Update*** -Updated member list. Welcome random!
  4. [SC] Sexy Cunts [+18]

    You've been accepted. Welcome to the sexiest cunts on the server. Application current state: Accepted
  5. Hello! I would like to show our newest map! Enjoy it.
  6. [SC] Sexy Cunts [+18]

    Thanks for applying to Sexy Cunts! Currently reviewing your application and voting on it. Application current state: Pending
  7. training?

    I think you mean when you want to upload a map?
  8. Random wanted to hug the pool in the park, the water refused the it.
  9. [REMOVED] pDA

    Ehh you could've put more time in the post, gl anyway
  10. Your in-game name: [SC]Revan Reported players name: [NMA]Cyborg. Date/time: 2017.08.15 / 14:07:44 Reason for reporting: Foreing language in the mainchat Proof: Anything you want to add? Nothing.
  11. training?

    Go to MTA installation folder->server->mods->deathmatch->resources Place the map folders there which contain the files for it. After this, launch map editor, top of the screen "open" and you can find your map there.