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  1. [ACCEPTED] Marc-please i have a error...

    Pls someone admi ? help....
  2. [DM] Who is the best?

    Ingame name: xLuigi Timezone: UTC -5 Do you obey the rules: si
  3. Hello, i try join in ND with my account xLuigi and appears a error of BAN the other account that not its mine.. R2K.TriJohan i dont know wtf with this, i played with my account yesterday as usual, im not ban... pls help me
  4. [ACCEPTED] Anti-Retard-Airbreak

    Hello, I was playing as I normally do, it was precisely the Doomsday Continuation map, I lost and entered the training by pressing space, inside the training I lost but before I had saved a location, press "H" to return there, when I returned there my car was I was bug for a moment, as if I was floating .. when I returned to normal a moment before I started to drive was that it happened, I was banned this way out of nowhere, my location is stored in a wallride I guess that's why when I press "H" Was bug for a moment .. that was precisely what happened, thanks: D
  5. [ACCEPTED] Anti-Retard-Airbreak

    Account name: rWp.xLJhoviKahoNe Reason for the ban: Supposed airbreak.. Time & Date: 15/07/17 Admin who issued the ban:Anti-Retard Mode:DM Screenshot:i forgot take ss :c.. Explanation:Hello... I was banned for the anti-retard,reason airbreak...surely was a error of system or i dont know..maybe a bug, but really i have never used hacks,also in that moment many admins were presents playing with me in DM, i understand that it may be a system error...Thanks Previous ban appeals:
  6. Account name: rWp.16K Reason for the ban: You can appeal your ban too. Time & Date: 21/06/20176/20177233331/06/2017/06/2017 Admin who issued the ban: marc[eX] Mode: DM Screenshot: Forgot to take one,sorry Explanation: So, I was playing normally like anyone does, and then marc came in and banned tyker for some reason I didn't know. So when I saw what marc did, I kinda felt frustrated, also, marc said "anyone else?", Which caused a little more anger on me, because he felt all grown up for beign an powerfull-untouchable admin. So I insulted him on my native language, and Pixie, another admin warned me, that was my third warning, and suddenly marc banned me as he did to Tyker. Well the truth, I feel ashamed to have done this, since I really like to play and enter the server, I offer an apology to everyone present, and especially to Marc, to know that this is not going to happen again, I guess this Time without DM, I have been taught the lesson..Thank you and I hope a prompt reply :D Previous ban appeals: I had a temporary ban previously, a few months ago I think, the admi that did it was Thunder, and it was because I said something "defiant" and he did it to give me a "lesson", I do not have the link of the post, since it was long ago I already did it with another forum account other than this one, it's confusing since it was a long time ago, but I'm telling the truth .. thanks: D