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  1. how to get waterenb working (mta water)

    Use http://www.gta-samp.ru/files/SAMPGraphicRestore.asi instead of waterfix, idk what the error is tho.
  2. samp Reshade Tutorial gta sa

    No not really http://prntscr.com/ghuzbe Not sure how accurate it is tho
  3. samp Reshade Tutorial gta sa

    Sometimes samp gets boring for me so i decided to try reshade some time ago, i think it gives the game a great new look. comparison (vanilla vs reshade) below. Lets start with downloading and installing reshade first. Go to https://reshade.me/ and simply download it. Start the setup and click Select game Locate to your samp folder and select your "gta_sa.exe" After you've done this it will say to Select a rendering API. Check Direct3D 10+ , it will automatically countinue. A pop-up will appear asking if you want to download some standard effects, click Yes. Now you are able to select what effects you wan't to have. Start with pressing Uncheck All. I will now list some effects that are actually useful and make the game look better. Clarity.fx LumaSharpen.fx Colourfulness.fx Vibrance.fx FakeHDR.fx Those 5 are my recommendations to always use. Some others wich might be useful if you want to record and make it look more cinematic are AmbientLight.fx Bloom.fx MagicBloom.fx I don't recommend to use them for playing. So lets continue, check the effects you'd like to have and press ok. You can now close the setup. In your samp folder go to \reshade-shaders\Shaders This is what the Folder should look like. If you decided to also download the other fx files move them in another folder and only put them in the Shader folder if you need them right now, as reshade will always reload the plugins everytime you go to desktop and back and it might take longer to load them (For me its instantly) Go ahead and start samp just join any server. This should appear on top of your screen for a few seconds. If it doesn't revert & redo every step. Press Shift + F2 to open the menu. It will say Welcome... blah blah blah just press Continue. Press the "+", type in some name for the config file and press enter. Check every checkbox, press Continue again and then Finish. Thats it, don't change any of the settings unless you know what you do the standard settings are fine. Comparison Pictures: Left Off - Right On First off - Second on too lazy to make more rn
  4. best lights

    Look main post i uploaded all lights.
  5. best lights

  6. best lights

    No, i was looking for tff hunter in my mta files and found the ER folder with all the lights etc Theres a lot more i guess i can upload them later
  7. best lights

  8. [SOLVED] Report KaLaSH.[eX] / InfiNity

    no nibba am good boy
  9. best lights

    https://www.file-upload.net/download-12696505/lights.rar.html All lights. https://imgur.com/a/OsDtF 1K HQ lights, simply cut out the lights you want, resize them and put them over the white lines.
  10. Probably the worst round yet, just a mess but gg.
  11. Who Is the Best? 2nd stage

    nice.. so first and second advance again or only the first this time?
  12. Clan War Revolution

    bet_amount / total_amount Player 3 gets 47% of the Clan 2 moneypool Player 1 gets 37% Player 2 gets 13% Player 4 gets 3% My idea was that theres 2 moneypools Clan 1 (in your example) has a moneypool of 190000 Clan 2 lets say has 140000 Clan 1 wins, the players that won get their money back first and then the percentage they won from the Clan 2 moneypool (140000) 47% would be 66k etc..
  13. Clan War Revolution

    No, why would you do it like that. Player 1 bets 100k on Clan1, Player2 bets 50k on Clan2 and Player3 bets 50k on Clan2. Clan 2 wins, Player2 & Player3 both get 50% of the 100k that Player1 bet on Clan1. And their 50k back too obviously. If Clan1 won, Player1 would have gotten 100k and his 100k back too.
  14. Clan War Revolution

    I like some ideas but Suggestion 3 won't work out, there will be problems most of the time. Suggestion 5 Instead of only the clan members everyone should be allowed to bet. (There should be a notification when a clanwar starts)