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  1. seventeen

    Happy birthday siara ^
  2. I am not quite sure why you both have left ND, Thunder because he has to focus on other priorities in real life and hasn't time for ND anymore but pandita? I didn't understand why but I think it has something to do with some behaviour with the community? Whatever the case I wish both of you good luck in all you're going to do in future, you were kind and fun people by the time i met you. Thanks for the good times my bros.

    Take care! :e057:

    @Thunder @~pandi.

    1. Thunder


      Thank you Chaoz! You are indeed someone worth missing! <3

  3. [DD] pH VS RFH

  4. [RFH] Rush for Hunters

    With clowN:
  5. Guys a question, It is me or the UCP is currently bugged? When the forums were updated somehow the ucp got bugged or that's what i think, I'm trying to get into any options that come out there but it doesn't work and this error takes place:



    How can I fix this up?

    1. Kevin.


      upc is bugged atm the redirections dont work

    2. TheChaoz


      Oh i see, thanks for the info mate, I thought it was just me with this problem.

    3. Fruity


      Yep it is currently bugged and we're working hard trying to find a fix for it.

  6. Happy Birthday New Dawn - 6 years old!

    Happy birthday New-Dawn! I've learned a lot of things thanks to this amazing server/community in general. We're going to get even further altogether as a family
  7. [RFH] Rush for Hunters

    Lmfao SlimTony, your paint skills are so sweet, teach me one day how to be like you please. Long live RFH
  8. [EDM] RFH vs EV

  9. Drawing Time

    I challenge to draw Mewtwo from Pokemon
  10. Drawing Time

    You need to draw the drawing I told you first before challenging other people.
  11. Drawing Time

    Hi folks! 👋 I made this topic for the purpose of bringing some fun to the forums. Hereunder, I will begin to explain what this is about: What is this game about? It's about making the drawing that the person above you has challenged to do, after that, you need to say what you want the person below you to draw. for example: (A Guy) *Pic showing the drawning finished* I challenge the next guy to draw Mickey Mouse (B Guy) *Pic showing the drawning finished* I challenge the next guy to draw Harambe (C Guy) *Pic showing the drawning finished* I challenge the next guy to draw SpongeBob and so on! I made this Pikachu long time ago, thus, I will start the game: I challenge the next guy to draw Johnny Bravo
  12. [EDM] Ryder ft. inFiNix - Wodka

    Nice map ryder! Simple but good to be your v1, keep it up!