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  1. I feel so old listening to these songs...


  2. Congratulations to the winners for having reached the final of this tournament and of course congratulations too to those who struggled hard at each stage to show the best of yours ^
  3. NurzZ ft. IceTea ft. RockZ ft. Tomoyo - Creep

    Good editing, smooth, not so hard, I liked it good job IceTea and your ft'ing mates
  4. heyo

    Welcome back!
  5. pS - Phenomenal Skills

    Good luck!
  6. Your in-game name: [RFH]Lynn Reported players name: .Alex[TA] Date/time: 04/10/2017 - 22:40 pm Reason for reporting: Speed Hack Proof: I will put the proofs below to make you understand part by part. Anything you want to add? Well, I started to suspect this guy because on a map called Ass of the spaceship in EDM close af to get the hunter he brake a bit when I was already a spectator and then suddenly he accelerated a bit in the loop taking the speed needed to turn the loop which wasn't possible because there was no speed point or much less possible because he brake too much to have the speed necessary at that time, then, almost to reach the hunter seems that his speedhack was malfunctioned and fell to the water, he accelerated while he was falling into the water, I mean, it is not possible to accelerate to any part while you are going to fall into the water, but it is a shame because I didn't have the recorder turned on and I didn't know that such a guy was going to do that. My suspicions were still very low tho, then we played a map called The stores city and I saw he got TopTime 2 which is hard af to get this tt with 0:46, now I will put my proof below explaining everything. Click in the spoiler: After you saw and read the content in the spoiler, you (admin) will take the last word, action and will see what is more convenient or simply rejecting this report thread in case you think aren't enough proofs to show, in case you think like that you can play the map by your own and check if you have any possibility to do the supposed ''sc's'' he said and on the other hand, you should know how someone acts when is nervous for something he did after someone else saw him ;).
  7. how to get waterenb working (mta water)

    Yo xanny, when I try to run my game it says WaterFix.asi isn't designed to run on windows or contains an error same error goes for D3D9.DLL. Any solution?
  8. post memes

  9. Real Life Pictures!

    Chucky is real!!!!
  10. [DM] Who is the Best? Semi Finals

    RFH owning every group right there Good luck all of you!
  11. Donde andas desaparecido? u.u

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    2. clowN
    3. Lynn


      PAIASO porque no me has dicho nada del porque estas offline? No te he visto desde el viernes pasado men, cami y yo te extrañamos prro >:,v

    4. Lynn


      Si puedes, mandame un mensaje privado diciendome plox.

  12. I drew myself

    Wow that last drawing killed me :0 Nice drawings lady, keep it up
  13. That's my racer way, remember that.

    Welcome to ND mate, enjoy your stay ^