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  1. DM RFH vs j4f 8-10

  2. Halp mi

    Add me on steam [ http://steamcommunity.com/id/4N0NYM0U55/ ] i can help you out
  3. [DD] pS vs j4F

    Very Enjoyable! @Grumpy keep flying mate! [save your teammates!]
  4. NurzZ ft. IceTea ft. RockZ ft. Tomoyo - Creep

    Well done boyz!
  5. [DD] NMC vs GUN

    GG Both Teams!
  6. heyo

    welcome back ^_*
  7. pS - Phenomenal Skills

    Best of luck brother
  8. Trying Alone [TA]

    Good luck once again ~.~
  9. Enough CS:GO for today

    It took you 36 seconds to join the game with bots. How about in real competitive match?
  10. Thank you

    Do you wanna build a snow man c: *Fr0ZeN sucks*
  11. I drew myself

  12. [DENIED] marc.eX - Speed Hacks

    Unfortunately I have to deny your unban appeal. Do not open a new ban appeal unless told, doing this will revoke your chance to get unbanned. If you feel like this ban appeal was handled incorrectly, send a PM to one of the lead administrators.
  13. [DENIED] marc.eX - Speed Hacks

    Be patient and Re-Appeal in 17/09/2017 - Thanks!
  14. MAP 1 From InfiNity[eX] : Dark Moon II 1st Round: ftw.Exodus 2nd Round: InfiNity[eX] 3rd Round: InfiNity[eX] MAP 2 From Xizen[j4F] : Military Zone 1st Round: =ftw=SilveR 2nd Round: Xizen[j4F] 3rd Round: =ftw=SilveR MAP 3 From =ftw=SilveR : Absolute Reward 1st Round: =ftw=SilveR 2nd Round: =ftw=SilveR 3rd Round: =ftw=SilveR MAP 4 From ftw.Exodus: Unity II 1st Round: InfiNity[eX] 2nd Round: ftw.Exodus 3rd Round: ftw.Exodus MAP 5 picked by the Referee from the list : Downcast 1st Round: =ftw=SilveR 2nd Round InfiNity[eX] 3rd Round: InfiNity[eX] MAP 6 picked by the Referee from the list: Digital Drama 1st Round: =ftw=SilveR 2nd Round: InfiNity[eX] 3rd Round: =ftw=SilveR Match result 1st. =ftw=SilveR: 8points 2nd. InfiNity[eX]: 6points 3rd. ftw.Exodus: 3points 4th. Xizen[j4F]: 1points ( Thanks for the help @Xer0 @F4K3. @_Reitrem @Jonny )