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  1. 2 peoples in same connection

    Well he's trying to say that in a couple of week some family members join his house & his cousin would like to play at the same time, as DuuhZehBruuh play. And he was asking if it's possible that both may play at the same time here on New Dawn, since there's a new rule "People who use a second account (Multiaccount), leads to a Ban". You may do that Duuh, since you guys are different, just talk to an Head Admin, tell him the Gamernames & a little story about it. He will agree it for sure.
  2. Cross Xl - Some Minutes Training.

    It's great to see, how you still work on yourself, driving more savely on DD Maps. But I don't get the point why you share it, or even if you train it, since the point will come or was already there that you got killed, because not only one opportunity made you run, so 2 or 3. I'd to see Videos, If you run from Opportunitys away, to avoid getting killed, because you were the only survivor of your team. Maybe you got a little Handicap with your Ping, but you know I like yah, don't see this as negative attack, just trying to improve you, for your DD future.
  3. This moment, when xPinnah said to F4K3, fight & win this shit! And he did it, Thanks to xPinnah for reaching the next round! @F4K3.
  4. [DD] pH VS SC

    Great Opportunity, sadly that I didn't stay till the end, because of work. But It had be other score, for sure.
  5. Double Points And Money With Streak

    Well I know you got this Idea from a MTA Server, the system is really good and in each mode playable. I'd to suggest it here on New Dawn, too. I would explain it more detailed. This System may only be aviable by 10 + Players on DM / EDM | 5+ Players on DD / HG. The example is based on Derby. The normal win by 2 Players should have 100$ (it's not much, but @Infra said, already we get a Kill / Death System on DD, so we earn Money there too by killing someone). One more Player could make the winning price 100$ higher. So by 5+ Players we got 500$ each win + 10 Score. If we reached 5+ Players, and you have done a Winning Streak like 3, should be called x3, so the 5+ Players win should be multiplicated with 3 So we got 1500$ + 30 Score. Thats how the system works. Tell me if I'm wrong DuuhZehBruh & to the others, tell me your mind.
  6. [DM] Who is the best?

    Ingame name: xPinnah[SC] Timezone: GMT +2 Do you obey the rules: Yes I do Potential Maps to add to the Maplist: Moita - Breaking Records II HeHu ft. BrokeN - One Shade Schwabl v1 - Schwablnatic Stone v6 - Atomic II Schwabl ft. AzuMe ft. Cruiser - Liquefield NeoN v1 - Extacy Schwabl v2 - Enlightened Stamina (FightFox) - Fuck That I reasoN - Extreme Alien Moita ft. reasoN - Ah Cookie ft. Schwabö ft. Rizom - Trial Blazing Schwabl ft. AzuMe ft. Brown ft. Xer0 - Ganja Schwabl ft. Azume - Ganja II Schwabl ft. Booze - Ganja III Brown ft. Moita ft. Dan ft. Jonny - Glorious Evolution DoubleM (Luffy) - Ticket to Paradise Burst ft. IceTea - Fuckable Note ft. Ronneh - Never enough
  7. DM Legends

    That's called real German Powah! Thanks for putting me.
  8. HOW THE HELL!!!

    I play with Keyboard & Mouse, because I got a better feeling with it, instead of learning how to use a content (On PC, on Console I got the feeling for the Controller). Well what I want to say, set the Mouse intensity as you want to, slow or very sensible & fast. You don't have to buy a controller just to fix the Camera, because sometimes, you camera stucks in the wrong way & you die because of it. Just learn how to control the Mouse, it will take some times, but you will be successfully.
  9. Post your theme song

    My theme Song is something really special. I kissed my girl the first time, when this song was running in the background. https://youtu.be/awa188svgmg "The Pinnah Theme" is absolutely secret.
  10. Happy Birthday New Dawn - 6 years old!

    What should I say?
  11. TV Shows you watch & recommend

    I've watched "The Sons of Anarchy" which is a pretty nice Serie, I would rate it in a scale of 1/10 with a 9, because sometimes it's really boring but very interesting. As next I've done Misfits which is nice too, honestly you should care about your age, FSK 16 because Sex & murds are a part of this Serie. 8/10 at the end it's very boring.
  12. Account Name: [dWa]xPinnah Reason for the Ban: Cheating on the Tournament / Involving someone to the Tournament, who's not allowed to participate. Time & Date: Two or Three Months Ago Admin who issued the Ban: Peek ( André, Nic & Xer0(I think) were also a part of it. Mode: DM Clanwar Server of ND Screenshot: I didn't take one, because I took a brake after I got banned. Explanation: Well here we go, I involved someone to the Tournament who isn't allowed to participate (It was Pablow), he drove on my Account, and I took the Gamer name of my old friend HardY, so we tried to stay unknown & to win the Tournament. Of course I knew it against the rules, it wasn't okay at all to avoid listening at this rules. I've took a brake, finished my finally last exams & now I would come back, to enjoy some time here. I know by myself that it was a really Shit move to everyone who fighted against us & to the whole Tournament organizers. I'm really sorry about this incredible & immaturity Move from my side & would like to apologize to each & everyone. I know what I've done, Sorry Ladies & Gentleman. Previous Ban Appeal: None
  13. Suggestion - /createclan for players

    Has been added, by Infra already.
  14. Well played, see you soon @Nic & @Rosberg
  15. Hunger Games - Clan War

    I got your point @Andre, you might have got bad experience by leading a Clanwar. But I have to say, not all Clans of New Dawn are like nG or rWp, that's a true fact. Of course it isn't needed as a Clan to insult or blame each other in a Clanwar, but the opinion of the Community is more important as I said already. I think, we need Admins like @Thunder, Admins like him, who shows Strongly, Maturity, also some Peace of shit about some players. But in total, it would be a awesome future for the whole history of New Dawn.