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  1. I like your topic, lead my next match ples
  2. [DM]A Lovely Trip - SoundwaveZ ft. #RS

    What a good quality
  3. I told you that the part can be done by fw and bw, would you just show some interests all would be good, I also asked you to redo 300x times. (also dont get what do you want to tell me with this chatlog)
  4. Good excuse my friend.
  5. What? If I record the map and do the part FW, will it be then also FW? In MTA there is also no anti-fw script, in MTA you also can play FW and BW, this part is just fw and bw playable..
  6. I dont blame him for my perfomance (but a little bit, 2much triggered after that useless slap on a map where he doesnt even know if it is bw or fw (...)) even tho after that, he could redo the round and I would do it simply bw, but no. Anyway prepare for next match
  7. Good job, looking forward for next match! (with new lead)
  8. [DM] Who is the best?

    Ingame name: infinity[ex] Timezone: gmt +1 Do you obey the rules: ya
  9. [DM] Who is the best?

    Maps will be choosen during the match or before ?
  10. [DM] Who is the best?

    Why not a tournament which is similar with WFF from MTA ?
  11. DM Legends

    iditi nahuj piderasi
  12. DM Legends

    jesus christus stop spamming already lilsnappy
  13. DM Legends

    close please @~pandi