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  1. Who is the best? 2nd stage (Take 2)

    Nice event, every stage people getting back into the event even tho they lost already ^.^
  2. Newest Uploaded Maps

    Hey, our friendly @Xer0 already fixxed it yesterday!
  3. It's getting funnier and funnier if you post it everywhere
  4. [SOLVED] Report KaLaSH.[eX] / InfiNity

    lifegoal achieved
  5. [SOLVED] Report KaLaSH.[eX] / InfiNity

    Khe superadmin
  6. [ACCEPTED] Server ip

    Hey, this only worked once for me!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111 this server is down for me man, anyone help??1ß1ß1ß1ß
  7. [DM] Who is the best?

    Hey ExteeL, why shouldn't I whine about every step done in a tournament?
  8. [DM] Who is the best?

    I'm not crying you gaylord (not jking) Thats the system bro!!!!
  9. [DM] Who is the best?

    How would it help the system (bad organized?) And how is it unfair for some players, the groups were picked randomly, read the Tournament's name, in the next stage they would end same as now (still unfair for 4th and 5th places )
  10. [DM] Who is the best?

    Yes, you're right! But why does they deserve a new chance and others not?
  11. [DM] Who is the best?

    What about giving all others a chance too
  12. I like your topic, lead my next match ples
  13. [DM]A Lovely Trip - SoundwaveZ ft. #RS

    What a good quality