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  1. DM RFH vs j4f 8-10

  2. Mapping Screenshots

    which infernus mod do u use, and can u link me it if possible ?
  3. [SOLVED] KOR.iMad - Camping in God Complex

    it was very obvious that there was no invis as u fell off the actual track, even if you did how would u justify power's video and don't say u weren't verbally warned, no only snapp but everyone else told u not to camp, me?, hollyweed?, power?, Gravity?, iCloudz?
  4. [SOLVED] KOR.iMad - Camping in God Complex

    very clear from 00:50 to 1:16 , he has nitros and everything even full health and he still waited for over 25 seconds
  5. Your in-game name: j4F.Grumpy Reported players name: KOR.iMad Date/time: 16/10/2017 around 7:30 Reason for reporting: Camping in god complex Proof: stuck between 2 walls between the actual tracks refusing to F knowing what he did he rushes to throw himself in the water realizing that i was going to report him he immediately PMs me arguing that "there might be something" Anything you want to add? i wasn't the only one who realized he was camping, as u can see in the chat some of my clan mates also noticed so, plus lilsnappy himself saw him camping, and i am sure he can back me up on this.
  6. League Of Montages

    an old montage of mine, i've learned so much since then, but i am too lazy to make it come true if you guys like it i might start working on a new one
  7. Tail Lights

    too late ma boy
  8. Tail Lights

    give this man a medal already <3 it has a twist tho, u need to copy ur desired vehicle.txd twice and name one "Vehicle.txd" and the other "VEHTXD2.txd" (just incase any1 faces the same problem in the future) thank you so much guys for helping
  9. Tail Lights

  10. Tail Lights

    still nothing
  11. Tail Lights

    nope still the same old light
  12. Tail Lights

    the vehicle.txd file
  13. Tail Lights

    i actually copied and replaced the original one, meaning i deleted the original vehicle.txd, and just moved the new one to the models/generic folder
  14. Tail Lights

    so i downloaded tail lights and replaced vehicle.txd but it still doesn't change in game, any idea why?
  15. [DD] pS vs j4F

    oh man, the memes we will forever be remembered as a living meme