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  1. i always approach an aerial wallride looking a little bit downwards and with the car front raised a little bit so the back wheels hit the wallride first but i mostly fail to latch onto the wall so i was wondering what is the correct way to approach an aerial wallride
  2. training?

    i have the map files but i can't load it, is there a tutorial or something i can follow?
  3. training?

    hello peeps so i have seen people do certain maps on MTA (not live on some server) so i was asking is there a way i can load a certain map over and over to train?
  4. vayne cait kek

    nice kiting, DAAAAAM
  5. Cross Xl - Some Minutes Training.

    i love how dedicated you are to what you are doing, i mean i play DM for the fun of it, it is not like i would load maps and play them alone for the sake of training i do want to be better but i am just giting gud while playing absolute respect mate <3 the world needs more people like u <3
  6. [DM]A Lovely Trip - SoundwaveZ ft. #RS

    HOLY SHIT, looks smooth AF ... GJ
  7. Cool Mods?

    Gimme any cool mods you got, i already searched the whole forum, got a cool infernus with the original collision file now if any1 has a cool nitros effect or anything else that you use please at least share the name and i will search for it thanks peeps <3
  8. i have had sleep paralysis before, and it is one of the worst things that can ever happen, hope i never have to face it again/ at first i felt like something pulled the sheet off my back i ignored it and slept again and when i woke up i felt like it was standing right there behind my back and i couldn't move talk or even scream, luckily for me it only lasted for 30-45 seconds
  9. meh, looks like a non-legends profile
    not interested 

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      not surprised :D 

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      u peasant 

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      am tha biggest legend in tha world 

  10. HOW THE HELL!!!

    aside from if it helps or not, it seems like fun, i think i am gonna try it
  11. [DM] CheiN ft TurBo ft Chipy - Colourfest

    OP OP SMOOTH AF well played lil beh
  12. HOW THE HELL!!!

    will do do people actually do that
  13. HOW THE HELL!!!

    well the thing is the cam has a delay when i turn so i turn and the cam stays looking in a kind of an angle so i have to reset it or wait for a second or 2 for it to reset and in those 2 seconds i most of the time fall
  14. HOW THE HELL!!!

    so i was watching this guy and i couldn't not ask, how does he keep his cam always looking straight ahead even on loops and wall rides? is it a mod? and i am pretty sure he wasn't using his mouse because it looked way too smooth to be mouse movement plus i know there is a modding section but i didn't wanna make 2 topics so if any1 has his infernus please share