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  1. [DM] RFH vs j4F [06.10.2017]

    karl plays? wat.
  2. [dm]silverhawk-ft-ft

    fuck the map, i just want the music psl tell
  3. What do you think about my new Avatar?

    why am i your signature
  4. [DM] SupRime vol.21 - Cryptic

    simple??? have you seen some eDM maps?????
  5. holy fuck, can you people stop killing irc every 3 days.. 

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Owainnub


      yes ofcourse, we have always been stuck in the past, im writing this on my mud computer using dialup right now

    3. Thunder


      irc is love wth

    4. Ryses
  6. and you said you were not a nolifer pssscht
  7. [DM] Who is the best?

  8. [NMC]DuuhZeHBruuuH Vs Win - Highlight's

  9. [NMC]DuuhZeHBruuuH Vs Win - Highlight's

    .... you are so sad, does your whole life revolve around derby? have you ever had a single conversation where you haven't mentioned the fucking game mode?
  10. [NMC]DuuhZeHBruuuH Vs Win - Highlight's

    why not just make a thread called 'Duuhzuuhbruuh videos' instead of making a new thread every retarded video you make?
  11. ND'S DD Tournament clips

    >2016 tournment >august 2017 fku simply
  12. uFo - Unidentified Flying Object

    You hit play and the remote broke, cause I am not a bath duck Set fire to your to-do list, slow clapping my recycled heart I get so low that I feel like "Hi I'm faking it" I'm not your chewed up bubblegum, I don't want your 50 cents
  13. Gold United Nations

    why do people choose to make their text size fucking 72... its eye cancer gl anyway
  14. the comeback ^u^