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  1. [DD] pS vs j4F

    O.o ok, Holly Search atm a new Clan
  2. US - UnSkilled

    Nah , come j4f
  3. Mapping Screenshots

    Very nice record man :3
  4. [SOLVED] GuN.Skilled - PVP

    Man ,you did PvP With flukke and set a map Too for the pvp round and won this. Stop Flame about other Players.
  5. [DM] Reitrem ft. Booze - Mythical Memorial

    The "G" is the best in this map Nice map
  6. [j4F] - just 4 Fun

    yes only nabs
  7. [DM] Who is the Best? Semi Finals

    haha gl Makcless
  8. US - UnSkilled

    @Booze ik, but its all Just 4 Fun
  9. US - UnSkilled

    Ok,j4F is from you now @HollyWeed
  10. US - UnSkilled

    Invite me too plsssssss
  11. [DM] RFH vs j4F [28.08.2017]

    Lie Trainer,you Finished dpp in cw
  12. Mapping Screenshots

    Hey, i want to present my DM v2