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  1. 8 Ball Pool Coins

    Add me if you want to play, my unique ID: 113-602-401-8
  2. 8 Ball Pool Coins

    Hey there, I wanted to know if anyone is willing to sell 8 Ball Pool coins? I can give my Steam Account. Account worth: $165 on (https://steamdb.info) Level 21 - CS:GO Hours 3000/ Unranked - was Legendary Eagle Master / 2016 Service Medal / 400+ Commendations / and 49 other games(Many of them are paid games). I need more than 100 Million coins. My contact details: Skype ID- mowcute16 or Message me here on forums.
  3. Want free games on steam? Hit me on skype or dicord for links.

    Enjoy Summer Steam Sale :)

  4. Steam Sale and Free Games

    Just incase anyone wants to buy some new games and was waiting for steam sale then it's here. If anyone wants to play CS:GO/GTA V/ or some other games together then message me, will add you on steam. Enjoy the sale, here is the link to steam sale countdown Starting at 10:30 PM (IST) http://whenisthenextsteamsale.com/ - Started Already! ________ [Steam] Killing Floor Free for 48 Hours - Game is worth 20 USD - If you want link, I can send you via skype(mowcute16) or discord(#8841) because I don't know if i'm allowed to post it here or not. (And if you are dam lazy then I can get Activation Product Key for you).
  5. [DDC] Drunken Drivers Clan

    In clan from ages and where is my name? I'm gonna kill you kitteh.
  6. [DD] SC vs NMC

  7. [DD] WoA vs SC

    wp again
  8. Weekly Lottery Spin! [UPDATED] 28/6 - 5/7

    Before: 29 Changed: 3 Pick a number between 1 to 50 and grab your chance of getting awarded with 20.000$ in-game each week!
  9. [DD] WoA vs DDC

    wp rip cat
  10. [DD] WoA vs SC

    wp lol
  11. Back to ND <3

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Driver


      Welcome back 

    3. DriftStyle.


      Are you that nightmare from strawberries?

    4. Night_Mare


      Yep, driftstyle but was inactive from everything for like 1 year or more.

  12. [DM] RFH vs KOR

    Nice one guys, good game.
  13. Back after long time

    Hey everyone, hope so some of you still remember me.. Just found New Dawn IP some days before and rejoined was gone for tour and busy with real life, good to be back and enjoying
  14. [DD] WoA vs RWP

  15. [ACCEPTED] Few Suggestions about chat

    I agree with you on all those commands, as many times I saw players joining IRC but we are unable to find if someone is in IRC or not. Also the /pm and /r command would be awesome because while driving or doing something /r would be a fast choice for reply to someone. +1 Supporting