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  1. Nonono not the way you think
  2. Ok sorry baby i wont do it again pls no mad at me bls ❤❤
  3. Wtf niels, we're just messing around, chill your tits
  4. lol names i told u the map isnt nolife, it's easy, i finished half of the map first time i ever played it, also the map is smooth so yeah You chose freefall lol that map is buggy affffff
  5. [DM] Who is the best?

    Ingame name: [rfh]GhosT[UG] Timezone: UTC+1 Do you obey the rules: Of course. Potential maps to add to the map list: -
  6. Hey, I'm Francis!

    That's actually a good thing to know that you will change. I never really hated you even tho you talked shit. I really hope you would change man. Good luck
  7. Quick Opinions?

    The fourth one looks great silvie
  8. [RFH] Rush for Hunters

    random will totally agreee ^
  9. [DM] SilveR ft. Thunder - Prime Kingdom

    Nice maps guys! *.*
  10. Good game, and thanks for leading Reitrem ^^
  11. Real Life Pictures!

    wow driver, you are so funny! can we all start laughing or not yet?
  12. Real Life Pictures!

    Sure xDD
  13. Real Life Pictures!

    Omg Xero, that is a beautiful ride *-* you must let me drive it!