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  1. [RFH] Rush for Hunters

    #Update Thanks to @Ryder.
  2. [DM] RFH vs j4F [06.10.2017]

    Well since i wasnt there #Blame @LilsnappY Ggwp
  3. That's my racer way, remember that.

    Welcome to New Dawn, enjoy your stay
  4. New in the community.

    Welcome to New Dawn, enjoy your stay
  5. [DENIED] theralio - Nos Cleo

    Yes he is using https://new-dawn.io he also tried it with https://dawn-tdm.com since it redirects to the current Domain, but it didn't work
  6. [DENIED] theralio - Nos Cleo

    The forum doesn't load for him, it starts loading and doesn't finish it doesn't matter how long he waits. So i wanted to check with him together if there is a way to fix it and we wanted to investigate it as soon as he got time. Because it might be something with his connection and in case it still doesn't work i already made the Ban Appeal with him..
  7. [DENIED] theralio - Nos Cleo

    This unban appeal is for my friend theralio, which currently can't access the forum. Account name: theralio /MilchSchnitte / [RFH]Light Reason for the ban: Nos Cleo / Speedhack Time & Date: 22/06/2016 Admin who issued the ban: isR.TheMoGul Mode: DM Screenshot: Explanation: I have been unbanned from Duck as you can see on my previous unban appeal, after that i played for a few days went a bit inactive and wanted to come back, but i saw that i was banned for "Nos Cleo" which i havent used anymore since the last ban i had back in 2014/15 i guess that was on the account "theralio" or "RFH.Light", i have to add that back in 2014 my cpu had a weird setting, which i wasnt able to disable so all of my games reacted faster as it should which sometimes resulted into smtg like a speedhack... Previous ban appeals:
  8. GGWP atleast i made some people laugh about my Fails :3 #AlwaysBlameRFHFoxy
  9. atleast 3rd place well played
  10. Clan War Revolution

    Coming back to Suggestion number 3, it also offers 4 more eyes which can see/notice more things, ofcourse the one Leading the Clan War for his Clan ain't allowed to play.
  11. Luf ya :wub:

    1. #!~ExteeL-


      Laf ya more honey :e022::e106:

    2. LilsnappY
    3. #!~ExteeL-


      we r gay, how can someone be more gay? :c @LilsnappY

  12. I want to play too :(


    1. Phoebe


      ohhh so cute foxy

  13. [NMC] No Mercy Club

    Dr. Gegory House k Good Luck, nice Topic
  14. Well played guys, enjoyed it
  15. [DM] Who is the best?

    Ingame name: rfh.Foxy Timezone: UTC+2 Do you obey the rules: Yes