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  1. [DM] Who is the best?

    Ingame name: rfh.Foxy Timezone: UTC+2 Do you obey the rules: Yes
  2. [RFH] Rush for Hunters

    #Applications ZomboY. - Denied.
  3. [RFH] Rush for Hunters

    @Slim-Tony finally had time to make us a 3rd year anniversary pic Note: I know not everyone is on this picture, Slimtony is such a bad boi ;-; We still want to thank every single one of you, those who joined recently and also those who stayed with us dumbasses the whole time.
  4. [EDM] RFH vs NMC

    I was definitly good. Ok? Enjoyed, even tho i only played 6(?) rounds. C:
  5. [RFH] Rush for Hunters

    don't dare, you are keeping me as your pet in a fucking cage since i went to rfh, i'm only allowed to come outside when i have to edit the topic ;-;
  6. [RFH] Rush for Hunters

    sure if you want to edit the topic every day ;-; besides Ryder was in charge c;
  7. [RFH] Rush for Hunters

    #Update Sorry we're a bit late. Darkness - Accepted xane - Denied Note, Applications are still closed.
  8. [RFH] Rush for Hunters

    this hurts you know
  9. [RFH] Rush for Hunters

    #Update Applications are now Closed. This means you can no longer apply to join our Clan. We will still take care abt the last 2 applicants which haven't recieved an accepted or denied yet. So please be patient. Applications SaK_ - Accepted Darkness - Pending xane - Pending
  10. Share your New Dawn Experience

    Cute, love you tooo <3 i still remember the night where i made the pvp against u and won, 1h later me and Xerpaake deleted our applications on nC and decided to apply for RFH, later on Fayy and Light and Shepert came aswell. I miss those golden old times, but i'm happy abt what RFH has become till now. Also i miss the MM CW's , i loved those times where MM actually started to nolife a few DM Maps in order to have some pretty nice Clan Wars against us :3.
  11. [RFH] Rush for Hunters

    #Updates Infinix - Accepted Benny - Denied It always was
  12. [DD] RFH vs DDC

    Walli tries that way to often should lecture him in the near future #AlwaysBlameRyder
  13. [RFH] Rush for Hunters

    w8 a sec i never agreed also i'm already @#!~ExteeL-'s Wife and i guess Father and Mother would have something against it too ( @Trasher @Slim-Tony )
  14. Favorite Clans!

    RFH MM KOR ftw DDC
  15. [DD] SC&RFH vs NMC&GA

    Well if you would check the Clan thread from time to time, we already solved that ..