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  1. [NMC]DuuhZeHBruuuH Vs Win - Highlight's

    Let's play a challenge mixing derby and dm, who lose delete the forum account. You only know how to criticize as people and comment shit on topics, you never help at all. i can be a boring player, but i innovate derby, making textures, maps, cheetah covers and stuff for the players. Accept my challenge, you no are the badass?
  2. [NMC]DuuhZeHBruuuH Vs Win - Highlight's

    Let's do duels by mixing dm and derby. 4 maps, 2 maps in dm and 2 in derby (5 rounds per map). Who wins the most rounds is the winner. and the loser delete forum account. Do you trust your skills or are you a coward?
  3. [NMC]DuuhZeHBruuuH Vs Win - Highlight's

    I accept the idea, if you accept a x1 with me in derby : )
  4. Win Highlight's [NMC]DuuhZeHBruuuH Highlight's
  5. AlieN_ - Race Vol.2

    I had make this map at 2014, i findit lost on my maps files, then i solv make a video xD Map: Race Vol. 2 Author: AlieN_ (Aka me xD) Images: Click Here Vídeo:
  6. Your in-game name: [NMA]DuuhZeHBruuuH Reported players name: [SC]AbsoluteZXero Date/time: 18/08/2017 Reason for reporting: Derby manipulations (Thank Car, Freeze Car, No collision) Proof: Video_1 -Freezing the car before i hit Vídeo_2 - Thank Car (3 playes ramming and he no move.) Vídeo_3 - By @Driver - No Collision MOds. Anything you want to add? Its wast of time, I've tried to talk to him to stop it, he just ignores me and continues. Players like this ruin the derby.
  7. 2 peoples in same connection

    My doubt was about, if we could play at the same time with a shared internet. Someone can checking the ips and thinking that I would be with multi-accounts, hehe. But thank your guys <3.
  8. 2 peoples in same connection

    Ok, thank you ^^ I'll pass the ip to him to play along
  9. 2 peoples in same connection

    Hi, I have a doubt. My nephew is 10 years old, his mother and father will move here next to my house, and I share my internet with them. My nephew wants to play derby here with me, he usually plays in mta. Can he play smoothly while connected to my internet? (play with me in here in server). My Regards, Duuh. (His Nickname is: [NMC]Ruam)
  10. Map: Cross D4 Driver: [NMC]DuuhZeHBruuuH Nos Style: NFS Orange Texture E Cheetah Skin: Made By Me Vídeo: Note: I know this video format is pretty annoying for anyone watching. I've received some suggestions for making better videos ... Soon, I will start a series of derby explaining some basic / medium / advanced things about derby. My Regards, Duuh.
  11. Cross Xl - Some Minutes Training.

    Obrigado AmÔ, ensino sim :B Thank you, Haha', No one has ever told me this before :)). Thank you Pinnah, i will try make betters Vídeos. I post these training videos, cuz it can help someone in dd, and too per fun ^~^
  12. Cross Xl - Some Minutes Training.

    Map: Cross Xl Driver: [NMC]DuuhZeHBruuuuH Nitro Style: NFS Cheetah Skin e Orange Texture: Made By me Vídeo:
  13. Welcome to new NMC member: [NMC]DriftboyZ ^______^

  14. ND'S DD Tournament clips

    I never can participe of tournaments cuz of my ping :'( NMC prepared to win next dd tours xD (Y
  15. Gold United Nations

    Nice clan, bro. This clan will be a nice rival, Haha'. Gl, mate!