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  1. 1 - Trick -> Using a CRT Monitor With A Mecanich Keyboard Probably you know that mecanich keyboards/gamming keyboards are better to play, and have a better reply-time...However, old monitors (Crt)Are better to drive on dd, cuz of a very low input lag. Then you using a mecanich keyboard and a CRT monitor you will get a advantage of reply-time. Example: 2 - Trick -> Using a low fps to turn better (Fraps/Bandicam). Based on gta physics, you car will turn better with a low fps 30~50 (While u recording or setfps)
  2. Server: Localhost Nitro: Nfs Style Configs: Low Settings Cheetah Skins & Textures: Made By Me
  3. 8 Ball Pool Coins

    Do you play 8ballpool? I too play everyday some match's. Give me your contact and lets play ^^ I had +1 million (but i lose all in 1 match xD)
  4. New in the community.

    You are Avs.Ferrari?
  5. Unban Kat :"(...I saw Kat in mta, she miss new dawn :'c

  6. [OverpoweredHelicopter]Maverick is back!!

    OMG, One of my best friends ingame <3. I Miss u Mavedick ;C
  7. This weekend I'll post my manipulations to DM on my channel.

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    2. Francis
    3. Revan


      "manipulations" haxor omg get banded

    4. Sam


      Revan is jealous af


  8. [NMC] No Mercy Club

    Gl leading the clan bro < 3. And welcome new members
  9. [NMC]DuuhZeHBruuuH Vs Win - Highlight's

    Let's play a challenge mixing derby and dm, who lose delete the forum account. You only know how to criticize as people and comment shit on topics, you never help at all. i can be a boring player, but i innovate derby, making textures, maps, cheetah covers and stuff for the players. Accept my challenge, you no are the badass?
  10. [NMC]DuuhZeHBruuuH Vs Win - Highlight's

    Let's do duels by mixing dm and derby. 4 maps, 2 maps in dm and 2 in derby (5 rounds per map). Who wins the most rounds is the winner. and the loser delete forum account. Do you trust your skills or are you a coward?
  11. [NMC]DuuhZeHBruuuH Vs Win - Highlight's

    I accept the idea, if you accept a x1 with me in derby : )
  12. Win Highlight's [NMC]DuuhZeHBruuuH Highlight's
  13. AlieN_ - Race Vol.2

    I had make this map at 2014, i findit lost on my maps files, then i solv make a video xD Map: Race Vol. 2 Author: AlieN_ (Aka me xD) Images: Click Here Vídeo:
  14. Your in-game name: [NMA]DuuhZeHBruuuH Reported players name: [SC]AbsoluteZXero Date/time: 18/08/2017 Reason for reporting: Derby manipulations (Thank Car, Freeze Car, No collision) Proof: Video_1 -Freezing the car before i hit Vídeo_2 - Thank Car (3 playes ramming and he no move.) Vídeo_3 - By @Driver - No Collision MOds. Anything you want to add? Its wast of time, I've tried to talk to him to stop it, he just ignores me and continues. Players like this ruin the derby.
  15. 2 peoples in same connection

    My doubt was about, if we could play at the same time with a shared internet. Someone can checking the ips and thinking that I would be with multi-accounts, hehe. But thank your guys <3.