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  1. 2 Tricks on derby - Based on gta physics and computer CFG

    That poor Samsung Laptop in the back.
  2. gg wp! Snappy u fuckface 3rd place. Get kickded from rfh,
  3. [RFH] Rush for Hunters

  4. NurzZ ft. IceTea ft. RockZ ft. Tomoyo - Creep

    i revealed ur secret, don't get sad about it!
  5. [DD] NMC vs GUN

    wp both clans.
  6. NurzZ ft. IceTea ft. RockZ ft. Tomoyo - Creep

    he just shaded, he did nothing in the track and deco.
  7. pS - Phenomenal Skills

    Good luck!
  8. [ACCEPTED] Server - VPN/Proxy

    I know i am not supposed to post here, but @Kev you are not banned, try to restart your router multiple times so you get out of the VPN IP region, if this didn't work u need to contact Infra to check on your IP.
  9. [DM] RFH vs j4F [06.10.2017]

    #blameryder gg wp
  10. [EDM] RFH vs GUN

    When you loose on ur own map k. (i hate edm cws -.-) the first cw to cause me a strong headache... gg wp all.
  11. [dm]silverhawk-ft-ft

    4 tries to write Thank in a correct way haha nice map tho, good luck finding a partner.
  12. VIP - Buyers

    I remember 1 month was being sold for 90k DM money lolololol, 600k
  13. [DM] RFH vs j4F [28.09.2017]

    report ghost kek.
  14. [DM] Who is the Best? Semi Finals

    Go Go RFH!
  15. [SOLVED] rfh.ExteeL - Can't join the server.

    Worked! Thanks for your help.