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  1. Mapping Screenshots

    So i was supposed to leave for college tomm , so i had planned to complete this dd map of mine anddddddd make "Made in 120 Minutes" with xero today , but for some reasons i am already on my way to college rn , so i wont be able to make that map with u , sorry @Xer0 Anyway i would like to show u all some ss of my dd map , i worked rly hard for making that logo and shit and honestly i dont even know anymore if i'll ever finish this map. These pics are sooo good that smone should make a signature out of it *looking at jonny*
  2. Sooooooo i am going inactive from now on...............cuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz college xd

    Maybe i'll try to come active in my holidays to visit u guys , but other than that...... I dought it :/

    And that's it i guess 

    So Bbye guys i had a really nice time here , i'll miss u all <3

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    2. 4N0NYM0U5


      i am going to miss you <3 take care and good luck

    3. Revan


      Good luck! Going to miss you :c come back soon :DD

    4. TheChaoz


      Good luck irl Soundy :e057:

  3. Mapping Screenshots

    My 1st HDM Map [DM] Finish It Or Cry L2m (Cuz noilfers are always crying "l2m" when they cant finish a map lmao) Already Uploaded Yesterday
  4. Anyone wanna map something????

    1. Revan


      I do, after hg god

  5. [DM]A Lovely Trip - SoundwaveZ ft. #RS

    Well thank you guys for all ur feedbacks
  6. I would like to show you all my new map..... But first a huge thanks to Darkyz for helping us in some of the deco and track Also thanks to R3hab for decorating the spawn. Take a Look I also said it before that its nothing special , things didnt worked out the way i thought they would and this is the result... Even the record is not that good , its making the deco look bad But still thanks for watching :/
  7. Vote for best player - 2017

  8. I am sorry but that's not true ;c , all of those maps are pretty good (even backwards time 2) , they are very well made and they dont have single bug in it also they are very enjoyable to play (for me) , and i know it takes a lot of time and effort to make maps like those ^ If i remember it right the other day u were saying "80% of maps made after 2015 are shit" well i am afraid thats not true either , mappers always try to do smth new with there maps and make it more enjoyable and challenging and i think its important CHANGE... is important cuz playing the same parts again and again in every map is boring And these ^^ maps are the reason that people didnt left playing this game after 2015.
  9. Vote for best player - 2017

    There is no need for this....
  10. nice match gratz flukke and mad
  11. Mapping Screenshots

    Might Come Tommorow...