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  1. 2 Tricks on derby - Based on gta physics and computer CFG

    It's fucking 2017 who would use this crap monitor nowadays..
  2. [DENIED] Two suggestions

    There is no section at the moment for reason.. they're currently not looking for new admins.
  3. [NMC]DuuhZeHBruuuH - Freestyle Mode In Cross S15

    To be honest, I don't know why you made this video, it's just you driving around the map and it's kinda boring (well, atleast for me). Well, keep it up.
  4. heyo

  5. Hey.

  6. VIP - Buyers

    So overpriced, 1 month used to sell around 150k - 250k max.
  7. I drew myself

  8. definitely not a meme

    I'd say kys but I would probably get warned.
  9. Enough CS:GO for today

    Gold Nova I.. boy, you really are noob. (:
  10. Felix's fail + a non impressive edit.

    Typical noob fail, nothing special, and the edit is pretty bad tbh.
  11. I drew myself

    Hair, glasses and hand are well done. Other parts could be done better but it's still pretty nice.