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  1. Like you could expect different results lol gg
  2. pH.LinuX - Money

    Thunders last reply will explain you everything too.
  3. introduction

  4. Maximum Speed In Cross D4? - Traine Offline

    Bah, despacito is bad enough but this version/parody is even worse.
  5. Clan topic help

    Insert other media -> insert image from url and put the link.
  6. Results couldn't be really different ggwp
  7. [DM]A Lovely Trip - SoundwaveZ ft. #RS

    This is the first time I actually like your map, good job. Looking forward to play it.
  8. My catchy song

    Hey, np Better than the 3B+ views song
  9. ND'S DD Tournament clips

    Protato confirmed.
  10. Vote for best player - 2017

    Read the last sentence again, please, are you trying to say that's not nice? ("Would be nice to see this again").
  11. Vote for best player - 2017

    I believe most of the people just tried to asslick you with giving you the votes tho. Would be nice to see this again.
  12. I don't see any disrespect tho
  13. DuuhZeHBruuuH's Derby Textures - Version 1.

    I'd prefer it without the realistic lines Gj
  14. Sent you a PM. Ggwp