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  1. Me%20Gusta.png?1318992465

    1. HollyWeed


      when u try to focus on the road and u gotta check toptimes

  2. [SOLVED] name

    Your problem has now been marked as solved. If you are still having issues then please create a new topic and we'll be happy to help.
  3. [SOLVED] name

    I guess this is solved..
  4. j4F vs pH MAP 1: Chessoman Rounds won by j4F: 0 Rounds won by pH: 3 pH has won this map! MAP 2: Cross s15 Rounds won by j4F: 3 Rounds won by pH: 0 j4F has won this map! MAP 3: Cross 17 Rounds won by j4F: 2 Rounds won by pH: 1 j4F has won this map! MAP 4: randoM Cross Rounds won by j4F: 0 Rounds won by pH: 3 pH has won this map! MAP 5: Cross LXV Rounds won by j4F: 0 Rounds won by pH: 3 pH has won this map! MAP 6: Cross R Rounds won by j4F: 1 Rounds won by pH: 2 pH has won this map! Clan war result Rounds won by j4F: 6 Rounds won by pH: 12 pH has won the clan war! Players who played for j4F: just4Funpixi, pexricz.j4F, dAyMeN.j4F Players who played for pH: pH.Lexy, [pH]RacerX, pH.TonyX
  5. 50k? someone?

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    2. Peek


      Y U SO FUNI

    3. Revan


      Are you trying to bribe us?

    4. GhosT



  6. Mapping Screenshots

    We got enough time bruhh, good luck in da college
  7. Good morning, sarcasm
  8. [DM] Who is the best?

    Ingame name: Xer0[US] Timezone: UTC+2 Do you obey the rules: Yeah Potential maps to add to the map list: All my maps (Deadly Nightfall, Learn 2 Map, Danger Zone, Made In 30 Minutes, Made In 45 Minutes(ft. Booze))
  9. Main Server is back online.