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  1. [DENIED] Andre[US] - Speedhacking

    Unfortunately I have to deny your unban appeal. Do not open a new ban appeal unless told, doing this will revoke your chance to get unbanned. If you feel like this ban appeal was handled incorrectly, send a PM to one of the lead administrators.
  2. [DENIED] Andre[US] - Speedhacking

    You know, ban evading with an IP from Belgium and then visiting the forum with the same IP is... quite stupid. nty.
  3. [ACCEPTED] Killing System in DD

    I have accepted your suggestion. It will be added as soon as possible. Do not ask us about it. Thank you for your contribution to our community.
  4. [ACCEPTED] Killing System in DD

    We've planned this feature for ND3.0.
  5. New Dawn 3.0: UCP Changelog

    b6a5651 (August 3, 2017) → Fixed some bugs → Added proxy whitelist management (front- & backend) → Added proxy check endpoint → Added some templates which will be completed once it's backend code steps in existence
  6. Fix for despawn problems in DD

    You know what would help? GET BETTER INTERNET
  7. Happy Birthday New Dawn - 6 years old!

    @Andre Schweet wurds hun
  8. New Dawn 3.0 Changelog

    3.0_9cc792e (July 31, 2017) → Added packetloss warnings It takes 3 warnings in 30 seconds until you get forced into the lobby Alternatively if you have a packetloss of >= 0.3 you're instantly forced into the lobby → Changed logging database → Changed command spam protection The first 3 times you are unable to use commands for 10|30|60 seconds, the 4th time you're kicked Some commands are flagged as an exception (Currently: /menu and /changepassword) and can still be used despite the penalty. → Disabled proxy detection in dev mode
  9. New Dawn 3.0: UCP Changelog

    a6f8f6d (July 23, 2017) → Completed profile page → Added e-mail activation pages (An e-mail address is required in order for you to be able to use the UCP.) → Fixed a few bugs
  10. [ACCEPTED] bot - airbreak

    That's odd..
  11. New Dawn 3.0 Changelog

    3.0_3a3964e (July 19, 2017) → Added spawn changing to DM, EDM and the CW mode (You can change the spawn by pressing Numpad 4 or Numpad 6 (Default GTA:SA settings))
  12. d97f267 (July 19, 2017) → Added login page → Added user, clan and map endpoints → Added moderative endpoints → Added profile page (Screenshot) → Added player- and clanlist page
  13. New Dawn 3.0 Changelog

    3.0_d958d89 (July 19, 2017) → Added /changepassword → Added auto mute for spamming (Time increases: 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, Kick) → Added auto kick for command spamming → Fixed a bug caused by the music player
  14. When will New Dawn 3.0 be released?

    There's an extra space in the phrase you wanted it to say. It does not have that extra space. It fucking hates you. Just like everybody else.
  15. [ACCEPTED] Anti-Retard-Airbreak

    I have accepted your ban appeal. We would like to excuse if you were banned wrongly. Enjoy playing on our server.