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  1. Account name: uFo.Francis Reason for the ban: Disprespectful Behavior Time & Date: just now Admin who issued the ban: Thunder Mode: DM Screenshot: / Explanation: So, due to the fact that it took Thunder about 2 Hours to write a response, I'll write a response here, because he seems to be blinded by his own ignorance. So just the "btw"-Point regarding you setting a map for your own advantage (The Real Way by Adnan) during GOD event: So you wanted to "test" the obvious and then said NOTHING about it, until PandaZ (Antonio) mentioned that the nextmap was already set? Good joke bro. So if you were "testing" that command back then, I was "testing" the soundcmds today too :)) And I have not disrespected people lately or fooled anyone, I said I would change my behavior, that doesnt mean I start asslicking admins who abuse their rights and permissions - which you did. How do I act cool or tough in front of my "friends" when I just defend myself and won't let you talk down to me as if you were something better? You are clearly the one sitting on a high horse thinking you run the server by yourself. And obviously you put in so many hours a day, that you can barely breathe, right? And clearing the Chat and going "stop it" without mentioning anything is not even CLOSE to telling us to stop spamming chat. You are - as far as I know - able to form full english sentences, why didnt you just write "stop writing DIE etc. please, it's annoying"? Why do you have to go for mutes, when they are obviously not necessary? Could you tell me, how I offended or disrespected you? By saying that you are an abuser ? Plenty of people would agree with me and say "Yes, Thunder does abuse" so stop playing these games. This was not the first time & probably won't be the last time you abuse your rights. I just cant understand how you can act like you did everything 100% right now, while you were the one who started with all this non-sense because you got rekt in the Hunter-Fight and it took you like 4 minutes to finish a 2 minutes map. The thing is, if you know you made a mistake - which in this case you obviously did - just accept it and take responsibility for your mistakes. No need to keep going with the "Hey im an Admin, do what I say"- Bullshit. It was not about the shitty 10min mute, it was about the fact that you STILL think you did the right thing LOL Previous ban appeals: https://new-dawn.io/topic/27941-denied-j4fthunder-disrespectful-behavior I'm asking for another admin to handle this Ban-Appeal because Thunder obviously doesn't want to take responsibility for the Users he banned - as stated in my previous ban appeal. I hope this can be solved faster than the last one, because letting me wait for 2 hours just so I still am banned is kinda childish. Kind regards, Francis
  2. [DENIED] Two suggestions

    This is not the section where you apply for an admin-position.
  3. Account name: uFo.Francis Reason for the ban: Disprespectful Behavior Time & Date: just now Admin who issued the ban: Thunder Mode: DM Screenshot: / Explanation: I used the soundcmds for which I pay money for (VIP-Feature) and get banned for using them. Good Job. Well, first of all Thunder abused his admin-permissions by muting me for offering 2 players "Hey, whoever of you presses F within 5 Seconds gets 15k$" Noone ever got muted for that, but I guess someone was mad because he lost the Hunter-Fight. Afterwards I tested my soundcmds (like Thunder tested his Map during GOD Event and got busted) and now I got banned for using soundcmds. If the Soundcmds contain bad words or sth like /shutup, how am I being banned for that looooooool Previous ban appeals: no
  4. would've been easy for me, but I had to let Fake win. gz
  5. Your in-game name: uFo.Francis Reported players name: [NMC]DuuhZeHBruuuuuH Date/time: 10.10.2017 - 21:41 Reason for reporting: Offering forbidden modification Proof: https://abload.de/img/sa-mp-299i9srj.png https://abload.de/img/sa-mp-3006pscm.png https://abload.de/img/sa-mp-301zqsxy.png Anything you want to add? Snappy told me to report. He tried selling me a modification that would "intoxicate" DM and make everyone stop playing there for 100$ USD
  6. too easy for reitrem =) dontBsalty
  7. I drew myself

    I had the preview. Fresh af Brateeeeee
  8. I drew myself

    draw nudes and send pls? ksry Pics look nice, I already told you!!!
  9. [SOLVED] iMadj4f - MG Whining

    Your in-game name: Francis.US / ToxRet.US Reported players name: iMadj4f Date/time: 20.09.2017 ~0:36 Reason for reporting: MG Whining Proof: https://abload.de/img/sa-mp-213n3ssg.png (the MG Whine) Anything you want to add? I wouldnt have reported him for that in Forums, but after telling him that he shouldnt whine about MG, he said this: https://abload.de/img/sa-mp-2143ns40.png Greets, Francis
  10. Real Life Pictures!

    you know you're the cutest
  11. US - UnSkilled

    so im 2. Leader now? ok thanks man
  12. I have to go inactive for some time.


  13. [ACCEPTED] Pablow Ban Appeal

    Account name: Pablow[UC] Reason for the ban: Ban Evade / Disrespect Time & Date: 6+ Months ago Admin who issued the ban: Thunder, SilveR Mode: / Screenshot: / Explanation: I was told to reapply today, thanks for the chance.
  14. I am still KiViis Slave


    and i like it