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    Hello, I'd like to hear no more, nor I am willing to hear anything from you anymore. You've said enough in-game. I just want you to know that if you believe my reply here or your ban is not justified, then you are always welcome to raise up your concerns through here: Now that this is aside, my message will be for you and for everyone else who was complaining in-game about your ban. First thing, I dislike liars. Don't come here pretending you were testing the commands just to get yourself out of this, you weren't. I will give you my time to explain this clearly and its up to you what you do afterwards. Just know that I won't be unbanning you. Your mute has nothing to do with this ban, in fact, it was the reason that triggered your attitude. Ever since you were trying to bring up your point that your mute was invalid, you've been using words that has nothing to do with the situation. Nor only were these words offensive, but also were very disrespectful towards me. Your attitude alongside your general behavior was totally unacceptable regardless. Just because you paid for your VIP doesn't allow you one bit to abuse it or abuse others with it. It is infact a VIP feature, however, just like anything it is still the same as applying these words, the only difference is that you type a command instead. Not only did you disrespect me, but you disrespected the other staff members that asked you countless times to stop. I'd also like to say that the fact that you kept using a sound command that related to everything I said doesn't sound like you were "Testing it" to me was it? You can't deny the fact that you were actually directing all these messages towards me. Even if we let aside the sound commands, your behavior towards me in general was very saddening. I am aware you were trying to impress your friends, however, do not play that game with me. I will not tolerate this behavior towards me or towards anyone in this community. You will not be allowed to judge other people's intent and say whatever you want just because you feel like it. You acted the total opposite of how you should have. Did you already forget that I slipped multiple scenarios between you and countless other players just because it was your final chance in this community? If you've forgotten, I can remind you, however unlike you, I won't actually talk about your doings publicly. Countless staff members were trying to help you and make you actually "Change" but you just keep fooling everyone. The fact that you brought up the moment when I set a map during the event, proves it all. Oh and for your information, I wasn't setting it to win, it was actually to test if setting maps would work while the event was working. And once it did, I pressed F. Nonetheless, that's out of topic. Just so everyone is aware, if you people are not willing to follow simple instructions, then don't blame the staff for what you receive. It all starts with a "Tiny" matter, but you guys get on your high horses and act offended and do more harm than good. There are various ways to approach an administrator, but know that if an administrator doesn't let you approach them is because of your own attitude. We will not give our time to those who disrespect us. The staff team and myself are all dedicating "HOURS" and I mean "HOURS" for you to play and all we get is trash talked. If you haven't noticed, then wake up. What do we get in return, nothing, just trash talk and insults from people like you. You created a big "DEAL" out of a 10 minutes mute when I clearly asked everyone to stop and you kept on saying the same thing the others did but with your sound commands. SOUND COMMANDS are not an excuse and if asked to stop, you should stop. I don't need to ask twice for you to simply just "Stop" ruining the game play for people. Not only did you disrupt the game-play, but you also created a big deal out of nothing. If anyone is to blame, it is your temper and immaturity here. Bare in mind that this isn't your first time you actually disrespect staff members here and the community in general. I'm pretty disappointed in everyone who was chanting for him just because they were "Friends" or happened to be affected by what happened. Take it this way. If you are not willing to listen to an explanation, then stop complaining because we'll never be able to satisfy you with an answer. That's exactly what happened with the 3 - 5 in-game who were complaining about this ban. If you think this is fair, for staff members to just get treated this way, then you seriously need to consider your own judgement. I won't unban you, if you are to be unbanned, it won't be by me. I won't unban someone who can't even have self-respect, let alone respecting others. Fix your behavior for your own good. Not for me or for them, for yourself.
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    For every situation there is always a right way and a wrong way that it can be handled. Unfortunately for most and in this case, you, chose the wrong way. The way you decided to handle this was to clearly disobey a simple instruction to stop doing whatever it was that you were doing and I think we can both agree the that given reason of "I was testing the sound commands" is, for lack of a better term, bullshit and in fact you were just trying to test the patience of an admin and get a reaction out of them. I've seen you do this quite often with admins (commonly after being told not to do something) and even players in which you subtly provoke them into giving you a reaction either to show off in front of your friends or to further inflate your ego. Therefore, I honestly lack any sympathy for you in this situation. No matter whether you feel that the admin acted incorrectly or not, it does not give you any right to act this way towards them. If you are in a situation where you feel an admin is telling you not to do something which you feel doesn't break any rules then I suggest you put your ego to one side and talk to them privately in an adult manner and politely ask them to explain why they are telling you to stop. If you cannot muster up the will power to do that then I suggest you listen to them and then step out of the game and send me a message explaining the situation and why you think it is wrong and I'll handle it from there. Based on this incident and incidents in the past I see no reason to unban you as this behavior seems to be persistent.
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    MAP 1 From KingReitrem: Substance 1st Round: KingReitem[US] 2nd Round: KingReitem[US] 3rd Round: KingReitem[US] MAP 2 GhosT: Serendipity 1st Round: [RFH]LilsnappY[Z] 2nd Round: KingReitem[US] 3rd Round: ftw.F4K3 MAP 3 From LilsnappY: Entropy 1st Round: ftw.F4K3 2nd Round: [RFH]LilsnappY[Z] 3rd Round: [RFH]GhosT[UG] MAP 4 From F4K3: Spotlight 1st Round: ftw.F4K3 2nd Round: KingReitem[US] 3rd Round: ftw.F4K3 MAP 5 picked by the Referee from the list: The Last One 1st Round: ftw.F4K3 2nd Round: ftw.F4K3 3rd Round: ftw.F4K3 MAP 6 picked by the Referee from the list: Relapse 1st Round: KingReitem[US] 2nd Round: ftw.F4K3 3rd Round: KingReitem[US] Match result 1st. ftw.F4K3: 8 points 2nd. KingReitrem[US]: 7 points 3rd. [RFH]LilsnappY[Z]: 2points 4th. [RFH]GhosT[UG]: 2points ftw.F4K3 won the 'Who Is The Best' Tournament!
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    Map 1, Chessoman pS has won this map! Rounds won by pS: 3 - Rounds won by j4F: 0 Map 2, Cross S15 pS has won this map! Rounds won by pS: 3 - Rounds won by j4F: 0 Map 3, Cross LXV pS has won this map! Rounds won by pS: 2 - Rounds won by j4F: 1 Map 4, Cross R pS has won this map! Rounds won by pS: 3 - Rounds won by j4F: 0 Map 5, Cross 17 pS has won this map! Rounds won by pS: 3 - Rounds won by j4F: 0 Map 6, Cross pS has won this map! Rounds won by pS: 2 - Rounds won by j4F: 1 Result pS has won the ClanWar Rounds won by pS: 16 - Rounds won by j4F: 2 Players played for pS: Andrey, Lexus, Racer & 4N0NYM0U5 (Replacements) Players played for j4F: Grump, Power, Yasso & Mackless (Mackless played at the 6th map)
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    hey guys, some great memories packed in one video - hope you enjoy it :3
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    Going to improve this and make it sexy for sure.
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    Hi, as some of you have noticed my massive inactivity in the server, I'm leaving due to some private reasons, I hope i see you all sooner or later, ciao
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    Account name: uFo.Francis Reason for the ban: Disprespectful Behavior Time & Date: just now Admin who issued the ban: Thunder Mode: DM Screenshot: / Explanation: I used the soundcmds for which I pay money for (VIP-Feature) and get banned for using them. Good Job. Well, first of all Thunder abused his admin-permissions by muting me for offering 2 players "Hey, whoever of you presses F within 5 Seconds gets 15k$" Noone ever got muted for that, but I guess someone was mad because he lost the Hunter-Fight. Afterwards I tested my soundcmds (like Thunder tested his Map during GOD Event and got busted) and now I got banned for using soundcmds. If the Soundcmds contain bad words or sth like /shutup, how am I being banned for that looooooool Previous ban appeals: no
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    gg everyone reitrem fucker map but lucky me getting @Antonio map ;c overall this tournament seemed kewl, good idea. plx more <- @Jonny
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    If I can make at-least a single soul happy then I've succeeded in life.
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    MAP 1: OverFlow Rounds won by j4F: 2 Rounds won by RFH: 1 j4F has won this map! MAP 2: Earth Meets Water II Rounds won by j4F: 0 Rounds won by RFH: 3 RFH has won this map! MAP 3: Naturally Skilled III Rounds won by j4F: 2 Rounds won by RFH: 1 j4F has won this map! MAP 4: A Lovely Trip Rounds won by j4F: 2 Rounds won by RFH: 1 j4F has won this map! MAP 5: Tropical Destiny Rounds won by j4F: 2 Rounds won by RFH: 1 j4F has won this map! MAP 6: Cubism Rounds won by j4F: 2 Rounds won by RFH: 1 j4F has won this map! Clan war result Rounds won by j4F: 10 Rounds won by RFH: 8 j4F has won the clan war! Players who played for j4F: Mackless.j4F, Hollyweedj4F, Jonny.j4F, Pandita.j4F Players who played for RFH: [RFH]Nerv, RFH.Soundwavez, RFH.clowN, RFH.LilsnappY[Z].
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    And people says, he lags because he is from Brazil. Though he's using hi-tech "cool" gadgets from my grandfather's time.
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    Very Enjoyable! @Grumpy keep flying mate! [save your teammates!]
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    gg everyone! Was a pretty funny cw, very enjoyable
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    can't say it was fun, i mean how can you enjoy getting raped JK, had fun guys, i never actually play DD, maybe played it once or twice but yeah it seems fun PS : sorry gravi, holly forced me to play, kick him not me #Eks_Deh
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    j4F vs RFH MAP 1: HELICRASH Rounds won by j4F: 2 Rounds won by RFH: 1 j4F has won this map! MAP 2: Substance Rounds won by j4F: 3 Rounds won by RFH: 0 j4F has won this map! MAP 3: Live For New Dawn II Rounds won by j4F: 1 Rounds won by RFH: 2 RFH has won this map! MAP 4: Sad Story Rounds won by j4F: 3 Rounds won by RFH: 0 j4F has won this map! MAP 5: Unanticipated Rounds won by j4F: 1 Rounds won by RFH: 2 RFH has won this map! MAP 6: Eagerness Rounds won by j4F: 3 Rounds won by RFH: 0 j4F has won this map! Clan war result Rounds won by j4F: 13 Rounds won by RFH: 5 j4F has won the clan war! Players who played for j4F: [j4F]Gravity, Mackless.j4F, Nic[j4F], Hollyweedj4F(Replacement: j4F.Benny) Players who played for RFH: [RFH]Lynn, RFH.LilsnappY[Z]., Ryder.rfh, HyPerZ.RFH(Replacement: rfh.SaK)
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    Account name: uFo.Francis Reason for the ban: Disprespectful Behavior Time & Date: just now Admin who issued the ban: Thunder Mode: DM Screenshot: / Explanation: So, due to the fact that it took Thunder about 2 Hours to write a response, I'll write a response here, because he seems to be blinded by his own ignorance. So just the "btw"-Point regarding you setting a map for your own advantage (The Real Way by Adnan) during GOD event: So you wanted to "test" the obvious and then said NOTHING about it, until PandaZ (Antonio) mentioned that the nextmap was already set? Good joke bro. So if you were "testing" that command back then, I was "testing" the soundcmds today too :)) And I have not disrespected people lately or fooled anyone, I said I would change my behavior, that doesnt mean I start asslicking admins who abuse their rights and permissions - which you did. How do I act cool or tough in front of my "friends" when I just defend myself and won't let you talk down to me as if you were something better? You are clearly the one sitting on a high horse thinking you run the server by yourself. And obviously you put in so many hours a day, that you can barely breathe, right? And clearing the Chat and going "stop it" without mentioning anything is not even CLOSE to telling us to stop spamming chat. You are - as far as I know - able to form full english sentences, why didnt you just write "stop writing DIE etc. please, it's annoying"? Why do you have to go for mutes, when they are obviously not necessary? Could you tell me, how I offended or disrespected you? By saying that you are an abuser ? Plenty of people would agree with me and say "Yes, Thunder does abuse" so stop playing these games. This was not the first time & probably won't be the last time you abuse your rights. I just cant understand how you can act like you did everything 100% right now, while you were the one who started with all this non-sense because you got rekt in the Hunter-Fight and it took you like 4 minutes to finish a 2 minutes map. The thing is, if you know you made a mistake - which in this case you obviously did - just accept it and take responsibility for your mistakes. No need to keep going with the "Hey im an Admin, do what I say"- Bullshit. It was not about the shitty 10min mute, it was about the fact that you STILL think you did the right thing LOL Previous ban appeals: https://new-dawn.io/topic/27941-denied-j4fthunder-disrespectful-behavior I'm asking for another admin to handle this Ban-Appeal because Thunder obviously doesn't want to take responsibility for the Users he banned - as stated in my previous ban appeal. I hope this can be solved faster than the last one, because letting me wait for 2 hours just so I still am banned is kinda childish. Kind regards, Francis
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    For those who dont know me I'm Kazuya most of the ND players knew me as [nC]Kazuya but i was in MM,SC at least i remember only these clans im here just to ask can i become admin for those who dont know my information or should i say statistics i play New Dawn about minium 5 years and i want to get the chance to become admin for 5 years i was respecting every possible player and never have tried to insult someone that i dont or want some are god with less then 2 years but lets not talk about years lets talk about respect and to know what to do to be a amazing admin first of all u need to have respect to the other players which i have second u need to first warn the hackers or the rule breakers to stop and then if they dont u do ban them i mean u dont need to ban someone just because u dont like him which i understand third u need to know everything about ND yes i still dont know the DM Maps but i know the history of New Dawn and i know that every New Dawn year is complicated or hard and lets not write too much lets just say i want to become admin and to be responsible for the server to warn u im a very regular player i mean im very common in this server GOD BLESS THE SERVER
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    you aren't allowed to reply here! same to you
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    Your in-game name: j4F.Grumpy Reported players name: KOR.iMad Date/time: 16/10/2017 around 7:30 Reason for reporting: Camping in god complex Proof: stuck between 2 walls between the actual tracks refusing to F knowing what he did he rushes to throw himself in the water realizing that i was going to report him he immediately PMs me arguing that "there might be something" Anything you want to add? i wasn't the only one who realized he was camping, as u can see in the chat some of my clan mates also noticed so, plus lilsnappy himself saw him camping, and i am sure he can back me up on this.
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    After discussing this topic and hearing the players's opinions along with yours, I've come to a final decision. As you've previously stated, it is allowed to wait for nos during god events, however it's not permitted to camp during such event. There's a difference between waiting for nos and abusing that permission to camp and higher your points for the sake of appearing on the top corner as the so called 'god'. We have given you many chances along with verbal warnings but so far you've seemed to ignore them all since you've been reported once again. For this reason, I have no other choice but to take action.
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    I'm closing this report and moving the evidence given to this one: You may also reply there once I posted your evidence.
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    Your in-game name: [j4F]Power Reported players name: KOR.iMad Date/time: 16.10.2017 - 19:20 Reason for reporting: Camping in God Complex Proof:
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    Ah I was right, you needed a 2nd txd lol, I just forgot bout that hack shit
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    Daddy's cash, ez life.
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    It's fucking 2017 who would use this crap monitor nowadays..
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    Frozen and Racer and try to play DD cw ? lol guys i think me and driver or duhh and angelofdeath can beat them gg
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    Final match is about to start
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    ok wb :3
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    Greetings I'm here to introduce "Mythical Memorial" by Reitrem and Booze! Make sure to check out upcoming Records aswell. I'm also recording your maps on request. Discord: Reitrem / Sebastian#6858
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    atleast mention that i got disqualified during the match (°-°)
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    Hello there it's Duke and Me, we want to present you our clan For The Win also known as -ftw-. We will rise again from the bottom to the top. Be prepared! Xero is still the clan God and Jonny -> our clan Unicorn mascot! Leaders: ftw | F4K3 ftw | Silver ftw | Jonny Co-Leaders: ftw | Xer0 ftw | Lukas ftw | Exodus Special Members: ftw | R34L* ftw | R3hab ftw | Alae ftw | Infra ftw | DizzasTeR ftw | Vitex* ftw | Zoysyus* ftw | Palico ftw | Girlstyle Members: ftw | Gteatero* ftw | V3X* ftw | Funky* ftw | Vic ftw | AsTroN* ftw | MaRtiiN* ftw | Cvele ftw | XectioN ftw | uJelly ftw | Pinnah ftw | Cody On Trial: ftw | Dominator ftw | Cody * = inactive = 8 Members inactive INACTIVE Leader: ftw | Duke* Former Leader: ftw | Wolf Clanwars: Titles: - Who is the best tournament 2017 Silver as the Champion of the New Dawn trailer event! - Exodus - Soundwavez Notes: - Since September 2014
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