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  2. Computer doesn't connect to ND

    Start of by checking if the single player works or not, will be easier to see where the problem might come from.
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  4. Remodeling infernus?!

    so last night i tried editing "nismo's edit for reese" adding a spoiler to it, it came out messed up, the tail lights were gone, the wheels lost their textures, my guess is it has something to do with vehicle.txd or infernus.txd any solution?
  5. Computer doesn't connect to ND

    why would u delete sa-mp.cfg? useless solution. Try to go to Documents > GTA San Andreas User Files and delete gta_sa.set. this will reset your gta sa settings to default ones, as if u freshly downloaded and installed the game without any previous options.
  6. Computer doesn't connect to ND

    Solution 1: Go to Documents --> GTA San Andreas User Files --> SAMP. In SA:MP folder, try to find sa-mp.cfg and delete it. Solution 2: Do you have maybe 2 GTA San Andreas folders? If you have, maybe SA:MP is in wrong one. Solution 3: Try to change compatibility mode of GTA:SA or run it as administrator.
  7. Computer doesn't connect to ND

    It changes the to ''Windows 7 Basic'' as always. But nothing else happens... I don't know why. I realy tried everything. There are no mids, I deleted GTA and reinstalled
  8. DM RFH vs j4f 8-10

    i mean its basically a 3 v4 how could u choke this rfh..
  9. DM RFH vs j4f 8-10

  10. DM RFH vs j4f 8-10

  11. Computer doesn't connect to ND

    Did you install any recent mods? ENBs ? anything? and samp isn't connecting to any of the servers right? this error should show when you open 2 samp in the same time, or at least 2 gta sa, crash error appears. to check it press on connect 2 times, and you will see it.
  12. Computer doesn't connect to ND

    What was the error code?
  13. Computer doesn't connect to ND

    There's no message. I spammed the ''Connect Button'' yesterday and I got an Error Code. But when I press ''Connect'' just once nothing happens. I opened the Taskmanager to take a look but its not listed there
  14. Computer doesn't connect to ND

    What kind of message appears?
  15. DM RFH vs j4f 8-10

    Yes lets blame ur internet
  16. Hey Guys, I try since yesterday to connect to the server. But nothing happens. I tried a restart, uninstall and nothing worked. It shows me the server list and the acitvity of the servers. But I can't join, does anyone know why? I need help :l Love SummeR
  17. [DENIED] Warn System - 5 Warns

    Unfortunately I have to deny your unban appeal. Do not open a new ban appeal unless told, doing this will revoke your chance to get unbanned. If you feel like this ban appeal was handled incorrectly, send a PM to one of the lead administrators.
  18. [DENIED] Warn System - 5 Warns

    After thinking about your Ban Appeal last night, I came to the conclusion and Since you couldn't give me a proper Explanation for the Video proof, i have no other Choise than leave you banned for 2 Weeks. What i want you to do in those 2 Weeks is think about what you did. Reappeal in 2 Weeks 31/10/2017
  19. [RFH] Rush for Hunters

  20. DM RFH vs j4f 8-10

    If i wouldn't have despawned 2 times on my map , we would have win this........ anyway gg
  21. [DENIED] Warn System - 5 Warns

    In another community which i play in says you're not allowed to forum report someone since there are online admins in game, well i won't talk about it because we're in a different community I was honest with @Jonny I camped for a few secs at the last map since i was PMing cloudz and he may check the CHAT LOG if he want, And lets stop saying , that even j4F leader camps at the god event, but wait yeah its my leader? he's gonna kick me if i reported him sad . Anyways, It's up to @Jonny since he's the one which solves my current ban appeal, thanks.
  22. DM RFH vs j4f 8-10

    Well played both
  23. [DENIED] Warn System - 5 Warns

    you aren't allowed to reply here! same to you
  24. DM RFH vs j4f 8-10

  25. [KOR] King Of Roads

    oköö xD
  26. [KOR] King Of Roads

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